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Hidden Door Ideas

Discover what could be hiding behind your secret, hidden door. You may think of a hidden or secret door as something reserved for spies or superheroes, but a Murphy Door isn't just for the movies. As the leader in hidden doors, our customizable door collection has more to offer than meets the eye. Many people install our secret doors to conceal private living space, maximize storage, or add stylish or themed entrances to specific types of rooms. In fact, homeowners come to us with new hidden door ideas all the time, which helps us continue to expand our designs.

Here are a few of the most interesting secret door ideas we can help you create.

Secret Door Ideas for Your Home

In most cases, invisible doors hide in plain sight, disguised as something else. This sneakily simple solution means a variety of our doors appear to be other common pieces of furniture or decoration. This type of hidden door accounts for many of our most popular secret door ideas, including the following:

Murphy Door Hidden Bookcase Door

Hidden Bookcase Door

The classic bookcase door remains among our best-selling hidden doors. These beautiful bookcase doors are fine-crafted wooden bookshelves that open up to reveal a hidden space behind them. Imagine a private reading room in your library that only those who know how to find the door can access. Or, how about a secret exit from your study or office through a hallway hidden behind the bookcase? A hidden bookcase door from Murphy Door can make it a reality.

Hidden bookcase doors come in a single-panel option and a french-style hidden double door. The largest bookcase doors can hold up to 300 pounds. Even when fully loaded with books, the bookcase door opens easily by gliding along a solid steel roller system.

Order your bookcase door with a plywood or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) core. Choose from eight different wood veneer options. Customize your door's dimensions and identify if it will swing in or out. Choose the number of shelves your bookcase needs. You even have options for customizing the door casing and framing. You can also opt for cabinet doors on the bookcase.

See more about the benefits of a hidden bookcase door in this short video.

Murphy Door Hidden Mirror Door

Hidden Mirror Doors

Keep your wardrobe or vanity hidden away from people who won't appreciate them, and give yourself a place to prepare for the day privately. Conceal your closet behind a full-length mirror with a hidden mirror door from Murphy Door. A hidden mirror door appears to be a full-length mirror but opens to a closet, dressing room, or some other secret space.

Hidden mirror doors can be designed to fit flush with your wall. As with the bookcase doors mentioned above, Murphy Door gives you many customization options for your hidden mirror door. Some of those options include sizing, wood type, wood finish, casing and farming options, and swing direction. You can also opt for a partial-length mirror and include a cabinet or shelf. The hidden mirror doors are available as single or double doors.

Get a look at a hidden mirror door in this short video.

Speakeasy Murphy Door

Secret Speakeasy Door

Give your speakeasy, lounge, game room, or man cave the privacy you and it deserve. Hide it behind a secret speakeasy door from Murphy Door. Nothing makes your home bar cooler than an aura of mystery. You can add to that mystique by giving it a hidden entrance. All the coolest clubs have hidden entrances. Hide your entryway behind a pool cue holder, gun rack, mirror, or bookcase. A secret speakeasy door transforms your busy back bar into a secret sanctuary exclusive to club members who know how to find the entrance. It's the next best thing to having a bouncer.

Murphy Door offers a variety of customizable hidden door options for concealing the secret entrance to your speakeasy. Imagine access to a bar hidden behind a door that looks like a bookshelf full of books on prohibition. You could also hide your speakeasy behind a door that looks like a mirror in the closet. You could also go for the more obvious yet playful option of a door that looks like a wine rack. These are just a few possibilities.

Once you choose the facade of your secret speakeasy door, you'll have several customizability options available on most Murphy Door designs. Your specific options will vary depending on what door you choose, but the customizations available may include the following:

Dimensions, wood type, wood finish, number of shelves, number of cabinets, number of drawers, hardware shape, hardware finish, single or double door, swing direction, fold direction, and more.

Check out a cool hidden speakeasy and its secret door in this short video.

Autoswing Murphy Door

High-Tech Hidden Doors

The locking features and automation available on the hidden doors make them even more impressive (and secure). Check out these popular high-tech features available on Murphy's secret doors.

Auto Swing

Doors with an auto swing function open automatically when the specified conditions are met. You can set up this feature to work through a key fob, smartphone, or by using voice commands.

The auto swing feature is excellent for people with special accessibility needs or in spaces with lots of supplies frequently loading or unloading.

See Autoswing in action as well as the hidden lock and bulletproof option in this video featuring @SKIPBEDELL.

Biometric Scanner

The biometric scanner locking mechanism prevents the door from opening unless the sensor detects the fingerprint of a person with approved access. That means it can detect you by an almost unreplicable personal biological marker and open for you only.

See the biometric scanner used in the hypothetical scenario portrayed in this video.

Electromagnetic Lock

The electromagnetic locks used by Murphy Door keep your hidden doors closed securely. The electronics of the electromagnetic lock are essential for designing versatile lock release conditions that can include digital, auditory, and biological release triggers.

Shop Murphy Door's Hidden Door Collection

Shop Murphy Door's Hidden Door Collection

The hidden door ideas mentioned above are just a few options available from Murphy Door. We have dozens of styles of hidden doors with customizable features. Get creative with your hidden space and order the perfect secret door for it from Murphy Door.

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