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Best Kitchen Pantry Doors

When you're looking for a simple yet impactful way to elevate the style of your kitchen, giving ordinary pantry doors an upgrade is a great option. Your pantry is one of the most important elements of your kitchen in terms of functionality. It can also have a big effect on the overall style and ambiance of the space. With this in mind, don't be afraid to think outside the box to help your kitchen feel brighter, more inspiring, and user-friendly. Check out these creative ideas from the design team at Murphy Door to get started. 

1. Give It Some Color

Perhaps the simplest way to give your kitchen pantry doors a facelift is to paint them. Giving them a fresh coat of paint isn't just quick and cost-effective. It can also add a playful pop of color to kitchens that feel stark or drab. Consider painting your kitchen pantry doors a deep shade of blue for a sophisticated look. Alternatively, try yellow for a cheerful vibe or even teal to achieve a beachy feel in just a few hours!

2. Make It Practical

Upgrading your kitchen's pantry door doesn't only have to benefit the space's overall style. It can also make the room more practical for your family's everyday needs. One way to effortlessly enhance the practicality of the space is to paint your pantry door with magnetic paint. This gives it a new, fun look. Also, you'll be able to attach important papers, such as school reminders, grocery lists, and inspirational messages, right to your pantry door.

3. Add Character

When you're looking to add character to your pantry door, look no further than the hidden Pantry Door from Murphy Door. Winner of the National Home Builder's Show 2022 Best Interior product, our hidden pantry door comes with two distinctive design options; choose between a decorative cutout or blackboard finish, making jotting down reminders a breeze. Even better, our hidden pantry door adds 15 cubic feet of storage, so it's perfect for keeping your pantry items organized and easily accessible, with:

  • Two adjustable spice rack shelves
  • One adjustable standard shelf
  • One fixed standard shelf 

4. Prioritize Function

Who couldn't use more storage space in their pantry? With our Spice Rack Door, enhancing the style and organization of your kitchen couldn't be simpler. Our spice rack door offers two spice rack shelves, two standard shelves, and lower cabinet doors. That storage space would make a lovely addition to virtually any kitchen. Best of all, the color, size, and finish of our hidden spice rack door can be customized to complement the unique style of your home. 

Take Any Door to the Next Level

When it comes to creating spaces in your home that are functional, comfortable, and, most importantly, beautiful, Murphy Door is here to help. With our customizable hidden door solutions, we can help you transform your ordinary living spaces into ones that look, feel, and function better. Visit us online today to browse our extensive selection of Pantry Doors and Spice Rack Doors. You can also find even more one-of-a-kind hidden door solutions in our store. You won't believe how convenient elevating every room in your home with Murphy Door can be!

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