5 Ways LED Can Light Your World

February 01, 2019

5 Ways LED Can Light Your World

One of the simplest ways to amp up your home's appeal is through lighting. Often times we barely notice the effect our lighting has on the spaces we occupy. With the recent innovations in LED strip lighting, it's now easier than ever to add an elegant touch and brighten up any room. Here are 6 LED applications to change your home!

#1. The Bookcase

Apply LED tape lighting to the back of your bookcase shelves and add a brilliant glow to your display. The lighting can be daisy chained together for simple installation.               

#2 Night Light

The Bedroom is a great place for some subtle, ambient lighting during the night. Have a youngster afraid of the dark? Apply the LED strip lighting to the bottom of the bed frame and ensure there are no monsters while adding a touch of light needed to see if needed.  


#3 The Kitchen

Your kitchen is often considered the most important room in the house. Apply the LED lighting along the bottom of your cabinetry and along the toe kicks to transform your kitchen into something brilliant. Toe Kick lighting also provides excellent ambient lighting at night for those late night snack trips.

#4 The Bathroom

LED Mirrors are becoming a big craze. But if you can't afford a mirror with built in LED technology, but would still love the effect, mount your mirror away from your wall by 1/2 inch and apply LED strip lights behind the mirror. Now that's a morning glow you'll love.  



#5 The Stairs

Technically your stairs are a space between spaces, but that doesn't mean they can't shine for themselves. LED strip lighting under the lip of your stairs or along the sides gives you the light you need to see, while making a statement.

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