How Your Home is Remodeling Your Moods

February 01, 2019

How Your Home is Remodeling Your Moods

Have you ever seen “O Brother, Where art Though?” If you haven’t, just take a look at this soggy bottom boy trying win over his wife. Now compare that to this clip from Wonder Woman blasting through a war zone. The first is set in the 1930’s, the second earlier in the 1910’s (WWI), and both feel very different. Why? Besides the fact that one is deflecting bullets and the other isn’t even bonafide, the overall feel of these movies is due in large effect to the color grading of each film. O Brother Where Art Thou was the first film to be entirely digitally color graded, using a sepia tone to give it that old time, dirty 30’s feel. Whereas Wonder Woman has that teal and orange color common among the summer blockbuster action movies.

Filmmakers constantly use color to affect the way we feel. But movies aren’t the only place where our moods are being swayed by the wheel of colorful fortune. You may not have noticed, but the colors that surround you the moment you wake up, binge watch your favorite show, and hit your head to the pillow again, all have subtle (or not so subtle) effects on the way you feel. Below is a simple breakdown of some simple color schemes you might find in your home, and what they might mean for you.

Blues / Greys

Starting on the “cool” end of the spectrum, blue colors are often associated with trust, calmness, and creativity. Although color meanings vary from culture to culture, blue is often associated with masculinity and has a feeling of depth and strength. Blue and cool temperature colors help rooms feel more relaxing, and safe. Do you have any rooms in your home that lean toward a blue color theme? What rooms are they? Do you have a room you want to be a place to unwind? Try adding some cool tones and see how it feels.

Reds / Oranges

It’s generally no surprise that red is a power color. It’s bold, intense, and often feels aggressive. Someone with a “red” personality is someone that takes charge, often takes the role of boss, and has no problem being in control. Orange keeps this same intensity and adds a touch of youthful cheerfulness. These strong warm colors portray a more aggressive type of confidence that says you aren’t afraid to stand out. Where in your home could you add some power punch? Whether it be an accent wall or a couple pieces of furniture, red is a great color when wanting to make a statement.


Yellow is often associated with fun, warmth, optimism, and clarity. Yellows tend to show up with the summer and fade in the winter time. Perhaps there is a place that could use some of yellow’s active vibe year-round? Don’t have a place for yellow? Think again. Consider using a softer or less intense tint of yellow, as intensity of feeling often increases with the intensity of the color choice.


Green is the color of growth and new life. It is often associated with soothing, earth vibe. The simplest incorporation of green into a color scheme would be adding various plants. These can easily be incorporated into rooms with cool, blue color themes. However, green doesn’t just have to be a plant. Where do you have green in your home? Odds are this color is being underutilized.  Think it doesn’t match? Try different shades and hues of green until you find one that gives you that healthy, breath of fresh air feeling. Combine it with blue to add some turquoise accents.

Blacks, Browns, and Colors that Ground.

Blacks and browns are earth tones that help us feel grounded. These are often more neutral calming colors that take us back to our roots. Often there is a rustic relaxed feeling compared to a more modern mood when dealing with blues and greys. Although these shades are often found in the flooring of many homes (with wood finishes, etc.) there are ways to incorporate them into different designs. The simplest way is to add wood in other areas. Whether it be natural wood beams, tables or other furniture, deep browns can become a beautiful emphasis in a room.

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