Murphy Door Presents Top 5 Space Saving Feats!

July 09, 2015

Murphy Door Presents Top 5 Space Saving Feats!

5. The Hide-Away Down-Under

No, this isn’t a super secret bar in Australia, and to be honest we aren’t even sure what the official name of this furniture piece is, all we know is we like it!

Why we love it: it’s a massive improvement upon the traditional pull out bed with horrible mattresses and creeky old metal frames. This looks like it might actually be comfortable to sleep on.

4. Here a Bed, There a Bed, Everywhere a Bed Bed!

These guys have taken the hidden bed to a new level.

Why love it: The first piece shown in the video is our favorite. Who doesn’t love a bookshelf that doubles as something else?


3. Wall to Wall Awesomeness

All this guy needed was one room, and a sliding wall…(and a degree in architecture and a ton of custom made furniture).

 Why we love it: One room turns into 24 different rooms! Need we say more?


2. The Tables Have Turned

Literally, the table turns and voila, it’s a bigger table!

Why we love it: We realize this pales in comparison to the other space saving feats, but the functionality of “The Moscow Table”, one of the Capstan tables from Fletcher Burwell-Taylor is so cool. You can use it in a house or office and everyone can think of a time where they could have used more seats at the table.


1. The Murphy Door

Sure it’s our product, so can you blame us for loving it so much?

Why we love it: We love the practicality of it. A Murphy Door can be used in pretty much any home or apartment and will add wall space. It’s affordable and can be easily installed by anyone.

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