Original Murphy Media

Behind The Murphy Door

The official Doc/mockumentary of Murphy Door. Follow the team as they disrupt the billion dollar door industry, and offend as little people as possible along the way! What you are about to see - is real.

Ep: 1 Pilot

Sandra calls a finance meeting. Jeremy and Curtis split a Reese's. Scott takes a bite of salad.

EP: 2 Communication Education

The team learns a lesson on listening. Ryland opens up about his sleeping habits.

FAQ'N Friday Videos

The Dresser Door

The Laundry Door

How We Package

Front & Back View

The Wine Door

The Pool Cue Door

Kid Tested!

Weight Test (300 lbs.)

The Spice Rack Door

Reverse Pantry Door

How To Measure

The Gun Door

Be More

Bob Quick's Journey

He's out to set history one more time.

Spencer&Jordan EP1

Goals are set, plans made, it's down to discipline.

Spencer&Jordan EP2

Spencer makes progress, Jordan fails to show up and gets rewarded.