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Best Sellers

Discover more posibilities with our best sellers.

Flush Mount Bookcase Door

Starting at $1,219.20

Pool Cue Door

Starting at $2,282.40

Murphy Bed

Starting at $1,325.18

Hamper Door

Starting at $2,568.96

Mirror Door

Starting at $1,902.00

Dresser Door

Starting at $2,950.56

New Arrivals

The lastest Murphy Doors® from our talented design team.

Slideaway Murphy Door® Bookcase

Starting at $2,287.60

Hanging Mirror Murphy Door®

Starting at $2,127.45

Signature Floating Shelf

Starting at $149.58

Slideaway Canvas Safe

Starting at $599.00

Media Console Murphy Bed **Preorder**

Starting at $5,380.27

Surface Mounted French Door

Starting at $3,206.27

French Doors

For larger entryways, choose our hidden french doors for double the illusion.

Bookcase French Door

Starting at $2,950.56

Mirror Closet French Door

Starting at $5,711.04

Dresser French Door

Starting at $4,759.20

Wine Rack French Door

Starting at $3,039.00

Hamper French Door

Starting at $4,124.40

Pool Cue French Door

Starting at $3,805.20

Single Doors

Browse our best-selling single hidden doors to fit any room in your home.

Flush Mount Bookcase Door

Starting at $1,219.20

Pool Cue Door

Starting at $2,282.40

Shoe Rack Door

Starting at $2,282.40

Spice Rack Door

Starting at $2,282.40

Wine Rack Door

Starting at $2,282.40

Mirror Door

Starting at $1,902.00


DIY Solutions

Perfect for the expert DIY-er, these budget-friendly Murphy Doors require paint and assembly.

Murphy Door Quick Kit - Primed Only - *READY TO SHIP*

Starting at $1,612.80

Unassembled Door Kits

Starting at $1,045.44

Hardware Kits

The Murphy Door patented hinge system is for experienced carpenters who would like to build their own hidden door.

Single Hidden Door Hardware Kit

Starting at $149.00

French Door Hardware Kit

Starting at $299.00

Murphy Beds

Gain extra space during the day with our customizable hideaway beds.

Murphy Bed

Starting at $1,299.00

Murphy Bed - Left Cabinet

Starting at $1,811.95

Murphy Bed - Right Cabinet

Starting at $1,811.95


Shop locks, shelving, and other accessories to enhance your hidden door.

Electromagnetic Lock

Starting at $199.00

Extra Shelving

Cabinet Doors

Locking Systems

Casing and Trim

Proudly Made in the USA

To guarantee our high quality standards, we build our doors in the Western United States, using American lumber products.

Premium Craftsmanship

Built with MDF for higher performance, our doors hold up to daily use while lending an elegant finish to your space.

Commitment to Satisfaction

What we stand for means more to us than what we sell; that's why our team looks to deliver a positive experience from start to finish.

Proven Process

Years of fine-tuning our design and construction have led to a near-perfect method for customizing, building, and shipping your secret door.

Traditional Bookcases

No need for a door? Create your own premium, built-in bookcase.

Traditional Single Bookcase

Starting at $747.00

Traditional Double Bookcase

Starting at $1,520.00