Take Home Security to the Next Level with a Hidden Door

Take Home Security to the Next Level with a Hidden Door

Nothing is more important than your family’s safety. Keeping your family safe starts with the peace of mind that your home is secure. Security systems can help in the prevention of a home invasion and contact the authorities for you for help. However, they don’t provide the same kind of protection to your home and family as a safe room behind a hidden door.

The following are some often overlooked ways hidden doors can improve safety in your home. When you’re ready to improve your home’s security with a hidden security door, check out the massive selection of hidden door options offered by Murphy Door.

5 Ways Hidden Doors Improve Home Security

Protect your family and belongings from intruders by keeping them in secret rooms no one expects to exist. Then conceal the entrances to those rooms behind doors disguised as cabinets or other pieces of furniture. 

1. Protect your valuables behind hidden doors

Keep your family heirlooms, important documents, and expensive items safe by keeping them out of sight. Concealing your valuable belongings behind a secret door protects them in two ways. A secret door will hide your valuables from potential thieves. They can’t steal what they can’t find.

Hidden doors can also help prevent theft attempts in the first place. Many home invaders scout potential places to rob by gaining entry into the home as a worker or delivery man. Once inside, they will scan for possible valuables to determine if they should come back later with their crew of thieves. If your valuables are nowhere to be seen, the thieves will be less likely to risk a home invasion.

2. Conceal secret rooms where you can hide

Hidden doors are a great way to conceal the entrance to a panic room, safe room, or security operations center. In the event of a home intrusion, you and your family can hide in the secret room until help can arrive. With the entrance hidden by a secret door, the intruders won’t even know the space is there, let alone that you’re inside.

When families create and practice an emergency preparedness plan, safety rooms work most effectively. By practicing your emergency preparedness drills, all family members will know the safest and quickest way to gather into the security room if an emergency strikes.

3. Block entry to sections of your home with a hidden door

Usually, when people think about a hidden door, they imagine it concealing the entrance to a safe or maybe a single room. However, you can use hidden security doors to cover the entryway to entire sections of your house.

Usually, when a hidden door blocks a large section of a home, it does so by concealing a secret staircase leading to another floor. However, a hidden door could also hide a hallway that leads to another wing of your home.

4. Hide potentially dangerous items in spaces behind hidden doors

Secret security rooms behind hidden doors are also great for concealing firearms or other munitions and tactical gear. Hiding your guns will keep them out of the hands of children or other untrained people in the home. It will also keep them away from intruders and give you an arsenal for protecting your family and property until the authorities arrive.

One great idea is to conceal most of your weapons behind a hidden door resembling a gun cabinet. Most people will assume that all your guns are displayed in the cabinet and never guess that the real hardware is securely hiding behind it. Check out these cool gun cabinet doors from Murphy Door.

5. Hidden doors with advanced locking technology keep you even more secure

Many hidden doors come with options for the latest technology in locking mechanisms and latches. You can enable your secret door with a virtually impenetrable lock.

Get extra security by combining superior locking technology with no-conventional secret latching and opening mechanisms. For example, hidden doors designed to look like bookshelves can have a latch that requires moving one of the books to open the door.

Hidden doors come with various locking and latching options to fit the needs of your space and the look of your door. Some doors even have bulletproofing options.

Improve your home’s security with a hidden Murphy Door.

Murphy Doors are the original hidden doors. Murphy Door offers a wide variety of secret door styles and facades. They are customizable to fit all the specifications of your room. You can pick the right door, select all its optional features, and order directly online. You even have options for professional installation or DIY installation.

Get a door that looks nothing like a door but will keep your home and family safer and more secure. Order your Murphy Door today!

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