Below is a list of the most frequently asked question. If you have a question that isn't covered please reach out to our Customer Service Team, they will be happy to assist - 888.458.5911

Installation questions

Will the original door frame in my house need to be removed?
Yes, the original door frame or jamb needs to be removed and replaced with the jamb that comes with the door.

Which door swing offers the greatest amount of open clearance? 
In-swing doors allow for the greatest amount of pass through space but require wall clearance when fully open. Out-swing doors have less pass through space but won't require wall clearance. We recommend viewing our Pass Through page to find the perfect solution for your situation.

What clearance is needed when mounting an in-swing door near an interior corner?
With an 8-1/4" deep door, you will need at least 1-1/2" from the edge of your door jamb to the adjacent wall in order for the door to open fully without hitting your wall. With a 12" deep door, you will need at least 5-1/2" of clearance.

Will your doors work on a 2x6 framed wall?
Out-swing doors will function the same on 2x4 and 2x6 walls. In-swing doors require adjustment to the standard pivot point resulting in a loss of 8-1/4" of pass through space.

How far will the doors open?
The swing-arc is 90 degrees.

Flush Mount Door Questions

Where are the doors made?
Our doors are proudly made in the USA! Murphy Door has showrooms and manufacturing facilities in West Haven, UT and Lexington, KY.

Why are your doors made with MDF?
Solid hardwood and softwood - prone to swelling, bowing, and splitting - are rarely used in cabinet manufacturing today. Our doors are constructed using a MDF or Plywood Core - 3/4" sides, 1-1/2" top, 1-1/2" bottom, 3/4" shelves, 1/2" back panel, 3/4" casings - paint-grade or wood veneer options available. The face frame and cabinet doors are 3/4" solid hardwood. MDF cores carry our full 1 year warranty. Plywood cores have a 30 day warranty due to a higher risk of delamination.

What is the depth of the shelves?
On an 5-1/4" deep door the shelf depth will be 3"
On an 6-1/4" deep door the shelf depth will be 4"
On an 8-1/4" deep door the shelf depth will be 6-1/2"
On an 10" deep door the shelf depth will be 8-5/32"
On an 12" deep door the shelf depth will be 10-1/4"

How far will the door stick out past the 4-9/16" jamb on the back side?
A 5-1/4" deep door will protrude 3/4" past the back of the jamb
A 6-1/4" deep door will protrude 2" past the back of the jamb
An 8-1/4" deep door will protrude 3-3/4" past the back of the jamb
A 10" deep door will protrude 5-1/2" past the back of the jamb
A 12" deep door will protrude 7-1/2" past the back of the jamb
Clearance behind the door will need to be considered prior to ordering your door, to ensure proper function.

How wide are the trim/casing pieces on the door?
The trim/casing is 3-3/4" width

Will the back of the door be finished?
The back will be finished like the shelf side of the door. If you have a stained or painted door, the backside will also be stained or painted. There will however be visible screw heads holding the back in place and gaps around the door that are necessary for the door to function.

Does the door come with wheels on the bottom to offset the weight on the hinges?
No, there are no wheels on our flush mount doors, as a rolling wheel would damage your flooring. The weight of the door is carried by our patented hinge system.

How much weight will each door support?
Our doors are designed to carry up to 300 lbs.

Do books/object fall off the shelf when opening/closing?
The items that you put on your shelves are very stable. With that being said, there are limitations. We would not suggest putting irreplaceable items on the shelves if you have young children that may be tempted to slam the door. We would also not suggest putting top-heavy items that could easily tip, even on a non-moving shelf. Most items placed will stay safe and secure.

Is this door as sound dampening as an average interior room door?
Our doors are as sound dampening as an average door. Depending on what you place on your shelves, it may be more dampening than a standard interior door.

Can a door be made as a fire rated door between my house and garage?
No, these doors are rated as interior doors and will not provide the needed fire protection rating for a door between a garage and home.


Locking Questions

Does the door latch?
Your door will come with a poly-wedge catch point at the bottom of the door. The friction door catch can be adjusted to make the door easier or harder to open and close.

Can the door be opened from the inside?
Yes, the doors can be opened from the front as well as the back of the door.

How does it open? Is there a handle? I want to be sure no one can get stuck inside the hidden room!
The door does not come with a handle to open the door. In-swing doors will open when you push on the face frame. Out-swing doors will open when you pull on the fixed shelf or the face frame near the fixed shelf.

What locking options do you offer?
We offer a simple mechanical key lock as well as an electromagnetic push button lock. Fingerprint scanners, keypads, and wireless key fobs are also available if the push button is not secure enough for your needs.