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Murphy Slideaway Safe

Murphy Slideaway Safe

Slideaway Canvas Safe - Murphy Door
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Reimagine security with our Slideaway Canvas Safe, a sophisticated and stylish solution to safeguard your valuables. Merging the worlds of art and security, this wall safe offers a secure compartment hidden behind a high-end framed image, providing peace of mind without disrupting the aesthetic of your home. Elevate your home security with a touch of elegance. Order your Slideaway Canvas Safe today and secure your valuables with a blend of art and innovation.



Recommended Canvas Size = 20"wide x 30"tall x 3/4"thick

Snap-on clips for Canvas are included

Directional Opening: Customizable to open left or right, ensuring a perfect fit for any room layout.

*Canvas Art Not included


Features & Benefits

Finish Options: Choose between a sleek black, a clean white, or unfinished, ready to be customized to match your home decor.

Standard Size for Easy Installation: Designed to fit snugly between standard 16" wall framing for hassle-free installation in any space.

Discreet Security: The wall safe remains invisible behind a framed image, providing a hidden sanctuary for your personal items.

Slideaway Canvas Safe Demo

How does the Slideaway Canvas Safe blend into my home decor?

The Slideaway Canvas Safe is designed to seamlessly integrate into your home decor. It features a high-end framed image that conceals a secure compartment behind it. This allows the safe to function as both a stylish piece of art and a discreet storage solution.

What is the size of the Slideaway Canvas Safe?

The dimensions of the Slideaway Canvas Safe are 20"wide x 30"tall x 3/4"thick, making it suitable for discreet placement in various locations in your home. Whether it's mounted in a living room, bedroom, or office, it offers secure storage without compromising on style.

Is installation difficult for the Slideaway Canvas Safe?

Installation of the Slideaway Canvas Safe is straightforward and can be done by following the included instructions. The safe comes with all necessary hardware for mounting, making it easy to install on your wall. If you prefer professional installation, we can also provide recommendations for trusted installers in your area.