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DIY Murphy Door Quick Kit (Primed Only) (Ready to Ship)

DIY Murphy Door Quick Kit (Primed Only) (Ready to Ship)

Installs just like a regular door!

Murphy Door Quick Kit - Primed Only - *READY TO SHIP* - Murphy Door
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Our pre-assembled Murphy Door Quick Kits are the fastest, easiest way to have your very own secret, hidden door. This door can be configured as a right or left, in-swing or an out-swing door; with the most common door sizes in-stock!

Murphy Door Quick Kits ship within 1-3 business days.

All pieces of this kit arrive primed allowing you to paint your secret, hidden door any color your want.


  • Primed, Assembled Bookcase with (1) fixed shelf
  • Primed, Unassembled Jamb - (2) side jambs, (1) top jamb, (1) threshold
  • Primed, Unassembled Casing - (2) side casings, (1) top casing
  • Complete Murphy Door Hardware Kit
  • (3) Primed, standard adjustable shelves

4 Simple Steps to Complete:

  • Paint* the bookcase, jamb, and casing
    *Murphy Door recommends sanding the bookcase, jamb, and casing with 180 grit sandpaper prior to painting.
  • Assemble and install Jamb
  • Install hardware, pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Install casing after jamb and door have been installed


The Quick Kit Bookcase Door is 8-1/4" deep and has a 4-9/16" Jamb
Please be aware of the pass through loss and wall clearance requirements. They can be seen in the tab labeled "Pass Through Space". View our help section for more information on our products!

Shelf Depth:
8-1/4" door depth will have a 6-1/2" shelf depth

Average Door Weight:
Average door weight is 125 to 150 lbs depending on width, height, options, and locking system. Door will hold up to 300 lbs.



  • Murphy Door does not guarantee against sag or twist on doors wider than 36" (Rough Opening 38").
  • Total width of the inside dimensions of the jamb is the size listed on you door option (IE: 30" door is 30" inside to inside of the jamb).
  • Our doors are constructed using a Plywood Core - 3/4" sides, 1-1/2" top, 1-1/2" bottom, 3/4" shelves, 1/2" back panel, 3/4" casings - paint-grade or wood veneer options available. The face frame and cabinet doors are 3/4" solid hardwood. MDF cores carry our full 1 year warranty.
  • All Murphy Doors will be built to accommodate shimming for both the height and width. If your order includes custom measurements, these same accommodations will be made. The jamb width will be ½” smaller than the rough opening width selected. The jamb height will be 1-1/8” shorter than the rough opening height selected. Please note that due to the special nature of our doors, you will want to have the clearance for shimming to allow the door to flex. As your house shifts, so will the door. Please keep in mind that we do this so that adjustments can be made when things like this happen.
  • All existing jamb and trim will need to be removed prior to installation of a Murphy Door.
  • Murphy Door is not responsible for issues with painting or staining of an unfinished door. We recommend a professional finisher for all unfinished doors. We also recommend that the doors be painted or stained within 10 days of receiving the door in order to avoid any bowing or flexing of the wood. Unfinished doors are sent as completely raw wood, with no lacquer. The paint or stain cures the wood in order to avoid any issues with it. You will be responsible for sanding and priming (if applicable).

Murphy Door Quick Kits ship within 1-3 business days and usually arrive in 4-10 business days.

Delivery is curbside, which means the door is unloaded and left by the curb. The driver will not take your door inside your house.

All of our flush mount hidden doors will lose pass through space and protrude into the room behind.


In-swing doors lose less pass through space, but require wall clearance to fully open.

Door Depth Pass Through Wall Clearance Protrusion


Door width - 6"




Out-swing doors lose more pass through space, but will not require wall clearance to fully open.

Door Depth Pass Through Protrusion


Door width - 11-1/4"