woman assembling a ready-to-assemble Murphy door at home

Calling All Do-It-Yourselfers: Try Our Ready-to-Assemble Murphy Door Kits

July 02, 2020

A DIY project can be very rewarding, especially if you spend a lot of time at home. On the other hand, the assembled doors are well worth the investment and can save you some time. With Murphy Door, you can pick the right door for your schedule.

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an organized bedroom with hidden storage in the closet

How to Turn Your Closet Door Into Storage Space

June 11, 2020

Your closet doors are among the most wasted spaces in your home. Even when your closet doors are closed, there is often plenty of unused space between the door and the area where your clothes are hanging. Make use of that space with a Murphy door for your closet.

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couple deciding whether their closet should have French doors or bi-fold doors

French Doors vs. Bi-Fold Doors: A Practical Guide

June 04, 2020

The difference between French doors and bi-fold doors is simple. Both reveal the interior of your closet swiftly and efficiently. The best choice depends on your preference and your space.

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Murphy doors with bookshelves in a room with a pool table

6 Cool Types of Murphy Furniture That Belong in Your Home

May 28, 2020

Customizing your home is an opportunity to enact all your best ideas about home building. Often, the best designs include hidden compartments and multi-purpose room designs. Can you picture your home with a Murphy door?

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6 Tips for Properly Storing Leather Shoes

6 Tips for Properly Storing Leather Shoes

May 14, 2020

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a hidden safe behind a Murphy door bookcase

5 Ways to Theft-Proof Your Home

May 07, 2020

Security through obscurity has been a valuable policy throughout history. The perfect way to defend your home and the valuables within is through a combination of physical security and clever obscurity. Safes, sturdy cabinets, and good locks can stop a thief who has accessed your home, and obscurity can prevent a thief from finding or targeting hidden valuables once inside.

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pantry storage and shelves full of preserves

Interested in Canning and Preserving? Think About Pantry Storage First

May 04, 2020

Canning your own food has lots of advantages. Not only is it fresher and healthier, but carefully preserved foods will also last longer than canned goods purchased from the grocery store. Accordingly, preppers can ensure they always have an adequate food supply on hand. Maybe you’re considering canning, preserving, or fermenting food, too, and you’re trying to learn new techniques. Before breaking out the canner, you'll need to decide where to store everything. Here are a few pantry storage considerations to keep in mind.

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two children in a shared bedroom playing on a tablet

Make The Most of Shared Bedrooms With These Small Space Hacks

April 30, 2020

Shared bedrooms can be a challenge, especially when it comes to ensuring everyone has their own space. The freedom to decorate and express unique styles and personalities can save the day when it comes to preventing family feuds. Check out these great tips for making small rooms feel a little roomier for your kids.

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man working in his home office

Give Your Spare Room Storage Space to Make It a Guest Room, a Home Office, or Both

April 27, 2020

If you're not happy with the way your spare bedroom is utilized, then it may be time to really consider whether that room should be a guest room, an office, or both. Here are some interesting ways that you can make this concept a reality with more spare room storage space.

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office with a bookcase-style Murphy door

3 Ways to Create Uncluttered Storage Space Without Feeling Cramped

April 23, 2020

No matter the size of your home, there's a storage solution for all of life's odds and ends. Check out these three ways to create uncluttered storage space without feeling cramped.

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Choose Storage That Blocks Sunlight for These Five Kitchen Items

Choose Storage That Blocks Sunlight for These Five Kitchen Items

April 20, 2020

Many home chefs understand must they must store food items under ideal conditions to protect their freshness. This means storage that blocks sunlight should be your top priority.

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small, cluttered laundry room that needs more storage space

4 Ways to Get More Satisfaction From a Tiny Laundry Room

April 16, 2020

A tiny laundry room is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you need more satisfaction, we can help. Here are some ideas for decluttering and adding storage to your laundry room. 

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