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What to Do With Your Graduate's Empty Bedroom After They Move Out

If your child recently graduated and moved out, congratulations! This is as much of an accomplishment and a new beginning for you as it is for your child. Now that you have more time to devote to your personal interests and hobbies, it's time to consider what to do with your child's unused bedroom. Even if you are excited about entering this new phase of life, deciding how to revamp their empty bedroom can be a challenge. Here are some ideas from the design experts at Murphy Door to create a space that is as beautiful as it is practical for your new life as an empty nester.

Guest Bedroom

Perhaps the most obvious option for your child's empty bedroom is to repurpose it into a guest bedroom. While it may not seem worth the effort to replace their bedding, wall hangings, and other bedroom accessories, doing so can make the space more comfortable and welcoming to any guests you have the pleasure of entertaining overnight. Keep these tips in mind to transform your child's room into an inviting space for visitors:

  • Give the room a fresh coat of paint to elevate its overall look and feel. Choosing a light, neutral color is a simple way to make it feel bright and spacious.
  • Replace youthful bedding with a more sophisticated alternative. 
  • Swap out your child's personal photographs and wall hangings for ones that complement the room's decor. 
  • Get rid of any excess clutter. Clean surfaces and walking space are essential for making the room feel big and open.

Home Office

Whether you work from home or not, having access to a home office can make your home more comfortable and convenient. Here are some easy ideas to make transforming your child's empty bedroom into your own personal workspace a breeze:

  • Invest in the right desk. Be sure to keep the room's style and size in mind to find one that fits nicely and blends with the surrounding decor.
  • Choose a comfortable chair. A chair that feels as good as it looks can make answering emails and catching up on paperwork an enjoyable experience.
  • Layer light sources for a balanced, polished effect. Include ambient light, task lighting, and accent lights.
  • Pull the look together with a gorgeous area rug to help your home office feel homey yet sophisticated.

Workout Room

There's no better time to focus on caring for yourself than when your children leave home. Turning their empty bedroom into a home gym can make staying busy and active more convenient than ever. Fortunately, you don't have to break the bank on a slew of expensive equipment to design a practical workout room. Bringing in a few of your favorite exercise accessories is all you need to make a space you'll look forward to spending time in every day, such as:

  • A yoga mat
  • Sets of hand weights and an exercise ball
  • A treadmill or stationary bike
  • A large wall mirror to feel like you're at the gym and monitor your progress
  • A television or audio system to keep you motivated while you get moving

Hidden "Escape" Room

If it's been a while since you've done something for yourself, now is the time to make it happen! Before you begin shopping for new furniture and accessories for your child's old bedroom, think of a hobby or activity that you really enjoy and how the space could be utilized specifically for that purpose. Some fun ideas to make your dream "escape" room a reality include:

  • An art studio
  • A reading room/library
  • A relaxing space to pray, meditate, or do yoga
  • A sewing room

A bookcase door can take your personal escape room to the next level. A handsome bookshelf can display your favorites photographs, book collections, and knick-knacks while also hiding a space exclusively for you. To find the perfect bookcase door to make your hidden escape room a reality, visit Murphy Door online today!

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