woman unpacking and storing fall sweaters for the cold season

Guide to Unpacking & Storing Fall Clothes and Sweaters

Cooler weather can only mean one thing: sweater weather. Of course, before you throw on a sweater and jeans to enjoy the crisp air, you'll have to unpack your autumn wardrobe. How carefully you stored them last year will determine if this is a good or bad experience. To help you get the most out of your sweaters and fall clothes this season, check out this simple guide to unpacking and storing fall clothes from Murphy Door.

Make Room for Fall Clothes

Before you start unpacking your autumn pieces, it's important to decide where you're going to keep them. This will likely require a bit of planning and reorganizing on your part. 

Go through your closet and dresser to remove the warm weather pieces that should be removed to make way for more seasonally appropriate items, including sweaters and jeans. Taking this step will make it much less confusing when trying to decide what to wear every day. It will also prevent your shelves and drawers from becoming overcrowded.

Inspect for Smells & Stains

After you unpack your favorite sweaters and fall clothing from storage, it's important to inspect them before putting them away. You may notice that they have a musty smell, especially if you stored them in cardboard boxes or somewhere moist, such as your garage. 

If this is the case, laying them outdoors to soak up some sunshine and fresh air may help. Likewise, if you notice any stains that may have set in while they were packed away, don't wait to treat them. The longer a stain goes untreated, the harder it will be to remove.

Wash & Dry Properly

While you likely packed away all of your autumn clothes when they were clean, chances are that they could use a good wash before going back into your closet. Be sure to read the instructions on how to clean your cold-weather pieces properly. This is especially important for items that are delicate or made from natural fibers. The same goes for drying them. 

When in doubt, skip the dryer altogether. Carefully lay the sweaters flat until they are completely dry to avoid ruining their shape and color. 

Store Strategically

Whether you're looking to organize your fall wardrobe for the season or are ready to start storing fall clothes until you need them again next year, the way that you store them matters. Taking the time to do so strategically will ensure that your cold weather clothes will look and feel their best year after year. Here are some tips to help you store your fall clothing like a pro:

  • Avoid hanging sweaters and other items that could become snagged or misshapen if placed on a hanger. Instead, stick with shelves and drawers. 
  • Choose a spot that is dry and safe from insects.
  • Store lighter items on top of heavier ones.
  • Place scented paper sheets or sachets between them to repel insects and keep your sweaters smelling great all season long.

The key to keeping your fall clothes organized and in good shape all year long lies in your closet's organization. A messy closet will make finding and storing fall clothes harder than it should be. 

Fortunately, maintaining a functional, orderly closet doesn't have to be complicated. With a hidden door from Murphy Door, you can maximize the storage space in your closet. Keep your seasonal clothes tidy and accessible, all while enhancing the overall style of your bedroom. Visit us online today to browse our large selection of customizable hidden doors, including our Flush Mount Bookcase Door, Dresser Door, and more.

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