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Pinterest Worthy Storage Solutions for Your Small Space

February 01, 2019

Pinterest Worthy Storage Solutions for Your Small Space | Murphy Door, Inc.

Pinterest Worthy Storage Solutions for Your Small SpaceWhile most of us would love to have a huge basement or attic full of custom shelving to store our treasures (and the junk we can’t bear to let go), the truth is that not every home has that kind of space available. Even though the typical home has 2600 square feet, apartments, condominiums, duplexes and even tiny houses simply don’t have enough storage—unless you get creative. We’ve gathered a few of these creative concepts together for your perusal. Perhaps one of these will spark some ideas that will work in your space.

Choose Thin, Monochromatic Shelves for a Floating Effect

White floating shelves in a living space against a white wall with decorative pieces on the shelves
Too many shelves can make a room look and feel cluttered. However, you can reduce this impact by utilizing thin shelves in the same color as your walls. Painting shelves the same color makes them nearly disappear and the items you store will appear to float. This shelving concept can allow you to cleverly store books and other media without making the room feel too full.      

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

If you need storage for large items, such as bicycles, electronics, and unused luggage, think about the space above your head. Installing hooks or a series of hooks and pulleys can make it easy for you to take advantage of unused space above your head.  

Multipurpose Furniture is a Must

When you are short on space, you don’t have the luxury of furniture that only fills one need. Consider a coffee table that has storage within or use a reclining sofa instead of a standard seat and ottoman. Think about how you can get more function from every piece you own. (Hidden doors, anyone?)
dark brown coffee table with hidden storage compartment

Add Furniture to the Bathroom

bathroom storage shelves filled with towels
One of the most underutilized rooms in the home is often the bathroom. Consider the helpful impact it would make to add a small shelving unit to your bathroom. This could serve as a linen closet or overflow storage for supplies like shampoo and tissue paper. With the average home having at least two bathrooms, the space you open up in other rooms can be incredible.

Make Friends with Susan—Lazy Susan  

In the kitchen, there is no better tool for expanding your space than the lazy Susan. Utilizing a small one in the spice cabinet, a large one for your pots and pans, and perhaps one in your pantry will open up space that you never knew was wasted.
image of a lazy susan with pots and pans on top

Create a Cabinet

An old bookshelf, a spring-tension rod, and a curtain can be fashioned into a cabinet ideal for storing items out of sight. This homemade cabinet can be a good choice for under stairs storage or for taking advantage of space in your bedroom or office. Storage doesn’t have to be unattractive!

Realize that an Open Floor Plan Doesn’t Mean No Storage

image of a kitchen and living room with an open floor plan

According to floorplans.com “Most homes built within the past ten years have been designed with an open floor plan, catering to a more relaxed, but busy lifestyle.” Open floor plans are notorious for their lack of storage. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. Consider a half-shelf to separate rooms or turn a seldom-used breakfast bar in the kitchen into a more useful bookshelf/game table.

You can add a few simple pieces between rooms without sacrificing the openness of an open floor plan.We hope these ideas are useful as you work on expanding your storage options in your small home. Looking for an additional source of storage that can add high-end appeal to your home: Check out the ready-to-ship and custom shelving options available from The Murphy Door. The door shelving units are cleverly designed to fit within a doorway, allowing you to place a shelf in a space that would otherwise be wasted. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our product, feel free to reach out to us for advice. We look forward to helping you with all your storage solutions.

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