Shipping Policy

Shipping, Receiving, and Inspection of Products

You are guaranteed to receive the Products in new and undamaged condition. All assembled doors are delivered palletized and shipped in an upright position unless the door height prohibits the door from being loaded accordingly. Unassembled doors may or may not be on a pallet depending on quantity per order and size of unit. Please note that all of our orders are curbside delivery, and that Murphy Door is not responsible for delivering the Products to your garage, into your home, or to any place other than the curbside. If arrangements are made with the freight company to deliver the Products to a place other than the curbside of the address you provide, you agree to be responsible for all additional charges that result.

When you receive the Products, and sign to accept it, you acknowledge that you have had adequate opportunity to inspect the Product, and you waive any right to return the Products as damaged. If the Products are damaged in shipping you (or your agent) must list any damage on the trucking company receipt, which is labeled “proof of delivery” or “Bill Of Lading” (“BOL”). You have the right, the obligation, and responsibility to inspect the Products and to report any defect in the Products immediately to Murphy Door. If you accept the Products from the freight company and sign the BOL without giving notice of defect to Murphy Door and annotating the BOL, the Products are considered delivered and accepted as is and Murphy Door will not be liable to you for any later claim that the Products were damaged at the time of delivery. You further acknowledge by signing for the Products without giving notice to Murphy Door of any defect, that damages to the Products will be presumed to have occurred after delivery.

By using the Site or purchasing the Products, you agree to the foregoing, and acknowledge that this policy is reasonably necessary because of the nature of the Products.


Estimated Delivery Times

Murphy Door provides estimated delivery time for convenience only, and you agree not to rely on the delivery date, which is an estimate based upon Murphy Door’s historical delivery times and information provided by third­party shipping companies. Murphy Door does not provide an exact date for shipping and you agree that Murphy Door will not be liable for any damages resulting from delivery occurring after an estimated delivery time. Tracking information will be provided within 24 hours from the time the Products ship. All sales are final and you will not be able to cancel any order due to delays in shipping.

All shipments are handled by third­party shipping companies and all appointments for receiving the Products are made directly with them. Murphy Door accepts no liability for missed appointments, and makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy of third­party delivery times and professionalism.

International Shipping

Murphy Door offers express service by sea to several international countries. If you request air service, you will be responsible for the additional cost of shipping, although Murphy Door makes no guarantee that air service is offered to your country. All quotes given by Murphy Door Representatives do not include brokerage fees or taxes. Any other requirements imposed by your local government for the importation of wood or stains or any of the Products are your responsibility to investigate. If any issues occur in your home country due to these issues, Murphy Door will not be responsible for cancellation, return or refund. All Products sold internationally are sold as is. All warranty claims will be handled on a case by case basis. Murphy Door does not offer refunds for international sales. Where possible, Murphy Door recommends that you complete all communications and makes necessary arrangements for pickup at one of our facilities. You acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility, and that Murphy Door will not be held liable, to know the rules and regulations of any country outside of the United States regarding taxation, customs, the importation of commodities such as wood, or any other matter. You are responsible to become familiar with the requirements of the country into which any Products will be imported, including but not limited to, fumigation, investigation, or inspection requirements of any foreign government.