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Unassembled Paint Grade Flush Mount Bookcase Door

Unassembled Paint Grade Flush Mount Bookcase Door

Unassembled Paint Grade Flush Mount Bookcase Hidden Door - Murphy Door, Inc.
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All sizes listed are the actual door size. To calculate the rough opening, simply add 2" to each measurement. (Example: 30"x 80" = 32"x 82" RO)

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Get the secret door you've been dreaming about with our most affordable Murphy Door. This unassembled kit is prepped and ready for the paint color of your choice. And, with faster delivery, you can get started on installation sooner.

  • Constructed with Paint Grade MDF
  • Arrives ready to assemble.
  • Includes hardware, lumber, fasteners, and installation instructions. 3D interactive installation instructions are also available on the free BILT® app. Visit the Apple app store or Google Play store to download BILT, then search "Murphy Door."

Note: If you have limited carpentry experience, we recommend ordering a pre-assembled bookcase door. See more.

*Our Unassembled Bookcase Door Kit features a limited warranty on materials and hardware only.


All of our flush mount hidden doors will lose pass through space and protrude into the room behind.

Door Depth Pass Through Wall Clearance Protrusion*


- 6"




- 6"




- 6"




- 6"



*Door protrusion is based on a 4-9/16" door jamb.



Out-swing doors lose more pass through space, but will not require wall clearance to fully open.

Door Depth Pass Through Protrusion*


- 8-1/4"



- 11-1/4"



- 6"



- 15"


*Door protrusion is based on a 4-9/16" door jamb.


Hidden door solutions for every room

Why Murphy Door can’t be imitated

Proudly Made in the USA

To guarantee our high quality standards, we build our doors in the Western United States, using American lumber products.

Premium Craftsmanship

Built with MDF for higher performance, our doors hold up to daily use while lending an elegant finish to your space.

Commitment to Satisfaction

What we stand for means more to us than what we sell; that's why our team looks to deliver a positive experience from start to finish.

Proven Process

Years of fine-tuning our design and construction have led to a near-perfect method for customizing, building, and shipping your secret door.

What is a Murphy Door?

A Murphy Door is a hidden door designed to blend seamlessly into an existing room. Murphy Doors come in various designs and sizes and may appear, at first glance, to only be a built-in bookshelf, spice rack, mirror, or gun cabinet. However, each also acts as a fully functional, high-quality door between two rooms. Unmatched when it comes to security and novelty, Murphy Doors are hidden doors that are ideal for concealing valuables or simply adding a unique touch to any home.

What are hidden doors called?

Hidden doors are frequently referred to as “Murphy Doors” — a name that’s become synonymous with the best invisible doors on the market today. We’re proud to be the brand that comes to mind for homeowners looking for a unique and functional upgrade to their home.

How do Murphy Doors work?

Murphy Doors are custom-built doors that function much like a normal interior door. Our doors don’t feature traditional door knobs or handles; however, hinges still allow the door to open in one direction, creating a pass-through between two spaces. Murphy Doors are installed in a rough opening in the wall, as each custom Murphy Door comes with the door’s head and side jambs and casing. Our high-quality design sets Murphy Door’s hidden doors apart from the rest. Superior materials and manufacturing mean our secret doors open smoothly, stay shut, and fit flush against your existing wall for a truly “invisible” appearance.

Do Murphy Doors lock?

Yes; all of our Murphy Doors can be fitted with a hidden door locking system that is sold separately. Our systems include keypads, wireless key fobs, electromagnetic locks, biometric fingerprint locks, or a classic mechanical key lock. Any option you choose offers an added layer of security for the space or valuables hidden behind your Murphy Door.

Can you open a Murphy Door from the inside?

Yes. You can customize your Murphy Door’s swing direction; this means you can decide whether your door will open out (toward you) or in (away from you) when standing in front of the “built-in” side of the door. Either option, however, allows you to open the door from either side of it, so there’s no fear of being locked inside.

How much do secret doors cost?

Our single hidden doors begin at $1,016. Customizations, such as wood type, finish, or additional details, come at added cost. Customizing your ideal Murphy Door on our site tallies your total costs for an accurate estimate before buying.

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