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Designed to complement any room in your home, our invisible single doors double as functional, space-saving solutions and a fun and unexpected secret entrance.

Hidden Door Bookshelf

Have you always dreamed of having a hidden-door bookshelf? Our Flush Mount Bookcase Door is a customer favorite for a reason. At first glance, this hidden door bookcase looks like a premium built-in bookshelf. But its room-to-room access, thanks to an easy-open door, makes it perfect for concealing valuables, creating a secret hangout, or adding charm to your space.

Hidden Door Bedroom

Our Dresser Door and Hamper Door are the perfect addition to a bedroom, walk-in closet, or master bathroom. Thanks to our premium, American-made construction, these doors lend a high-end, custom cabinetry look to your space while giving you plenty of extra storage (that we all could use). Replace your standard closet door for something more interesting, or hide jewelry, firearms, or other valuables behind them in a secret room. For increased security add a locking system


Or, try our Mirror Door. What it lacks in storage, it makes up for with the illusion of more space in your bedroom or closet. Featuring a high-quality, floor-length mirror, it is a practical addition to your closet and dressing area that still skillfully conceals whatever space is behind. These doors can also be used to enhance the interior design or your home as well as the storage space in your living room, playroom, or any other room in your home.

Hidden Door Bookcase

From hidden door bookshelves and a floor-length mirror door to a premium spice rack and gun cabinet hidden door, our Murphy Door collection is the unconventional yet unforgettable way to customize your home while adding safety and character to your home. With doors for your bedroom, kitchen, basement, game room, and more, we have the largest selection of premium, American-made hidden doors built to your exact dimensions, style preferences, and more. Browse the complete collection above, and select your favorite to start customizing.


If you want the satisfaction of building it yourself we also have diy options. Create hidden rooms with our bookshelf doors. A secret bookcase door can be used to mask a hidden closet or hidden passageways.


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