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Murphy Door Mirror

Murphy Door Mirror

Installs just like a regular door!

Mirror Door - Murphy Door
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Our flush mount Mirror Door expands usable storage into your doorway while adding a framed, full-length mirror to your room. Interior shelves add up to 20 cubic feet of storage.


  • 3 adjustable standard shelves
  • 1 fixed standard shelf

Custom Sizing
Special order cabinets are available. If you need a special size not listed on our site please call 1-888-458-5911 for a quote today.

The Mirror Door is 8-1/4" deep
5-1/4" out-swing, 6-1/4" in-swing, and 12" in or out-swing available.

Please be aware of the pass through loss and wall clearance requirements for each door depth. Pass through clearances and wall clearance requirements can be seen in the tab labeled "Pass Through Space". View our help section for more information on our products!

Jamb Depth:
Our doors are built to install in standard interior door openings. Standard jamb depths are:

4-9/16" for a 2x4 wall with drywall
6-9/16" for a 2x6 wall with drywall

Custom jamb depths are available on out-swings only.

The threshold will be 7" deep regardless of door depth or jamb depth unless you enter a custom jamb depth deeper than 7" then we will make the threshold match the depth of your jamb.

Shelf Depth:
5-1/4" door depth will have a 3" shelf depth

6-1/4" door depth will have a 4" shelf depth
Standard 8-1/4" door depth will have a 6-1/2" shelf depth
12" door depth will have a 10-1/4" shelf depth

Average Door Weight:
Average door weight is 125 to 150 lbs depending on width, height, options, and locking system. Due to door weight we do not recommend Mirror Doors over 40" wide. Door will hold up to 300 lbs but we cannot guarantee rated weight for doors over 36" wide.

Entablature (optional):
Height: 7-1/2"

Width: Entablature width varies depending on door width. Top is 12" wider than door, bottom is 6" wider than door.



  • Murphy Door does not guarantee against sag or twist on doors wider than 36" (Rough Opening 38").
  • Total width of the inside dimensions of the jamb is the size listed on you door option (IE: 30" door is 30" inside to inside of the jamb).
  • Our doors are constructed using a MDF or Plywood Core - 3/4" sides, 1-1/2" top, 1-1/2" bottom, 3/4" shelves, 1/2" back panel, 3/4" casings - paint-grade or wood veneer options available. The face frame and cabinet doors are 3/4" solid hardwood. MDF cores carry our full 1 year warranty. Plywood cores have a 30 day warranty due to a higher risk of delamination.
  • All Murphy Doors will be built to accommodate shimming for both the height and width. If your order includes custom measurements, these same accommodations will be made. The jamb width will be ½” smaller than the rough opening width selected. The jamb height will be 1-1/8” shorter than the rough opening height selected. Please note that due to the special nature of our doors, you will want to have the clearance for shimming to allow the door to flex. As your house shifts, so will the door. Please keep in mind that we do this so that adjustments can be made when things like this happen.
  • All existing jamb and trim will need to be removed prior to installation of a Murphy Door.
  • Murphy Door is not responsible for issues with painting or staining of an unfinished door. We recommend a professional finisher for all unfinished doors. We also recommend that the doors be painted or stained within 10 days of receiving the door in order to avoid any bowing or flexing of the wood. Unfinished doors are sent as completely raw wood, with no lacquer. The paint or stain cures the wood in order to avoid any issues with it. You will be responsible for sanding and priming (if applicable).

When will I receive my Murphy Door?
Lead and Rush Times refer to time it takes to design and build your door. Please allow additional time for shipping.

Do not schedule contractors or installers until after receipt and inspection of the door. Murphy Door will not be liable for contractor's costs for delays due to production and shipping times, damages, defects, or missing items.

Standard Production Lead Times*
Assembled, Unfinished 2-4 weeks

Assembled, Painted/Stained 3-5 weeks
*Lead times are an estimation and are not guaranteed.

Rush Option - $599*
Bump the line and save time - up to 50% shorter lead time!
NO CANCELLATIONS/CHANGES on Rush Orders or Warranties.

*Add-ons such as locking systems, cabinet doors, casing, and entablatures may ship separately at a later date.


Estimated 4-10 business days.

Shipping refers to the time it is picked up from our facility to the time it arrives by truck to your destination. Delivery is curbside, which means the door is unloaded and left by the curb. The driver will not take your door inside your house.

You will have time to inspect your door before accepting. If there is concerning damage, you may refuse delivery. For further information on shipping, east coast shipping, and shipping outside the continental US see our help page.


Receiving Your Door

All of our flush mount hidden doors will lose pass through space and protrude into the room behind.


In-swing doors lose less pass through space, but require wall clearance to fully open.

Door Depth Pass Through Wall Clearance Protrusion*


Door width minus 6"
Door width minus 6"
Door width minus 6"



*Door protrusion is based on a 4-9/16" door jamb.


Out-swing doors lose more pass through space, but will not require wall clearance to fully open.

Door Depth Pass Through Protrusion*


Door width minus 8-1/4"
Door width minus 11-1/4"
Door width minus 15"


*Door protrusion is based on a 4-9/16" door jamb.

Disguise any secret entrance in your home with our popular hidden mirror door.

Hidden Mirror Doors That Make a Statement

Add the dual functionality of a full-length mirror with the secrecy of a hidden door to any room with the Mirror Doors from Murphy Door. Our beautiful doors feature a flawless, beautiful mirror encased with wood to hide perfectly within the frame of your wall, concealing a secret room behind it. While these beautifully crafted doors can be added to any room in your home, they look stunning and add functionality to any bedroom or closet.

Hidden door solutions for every room

Secret Mirror Doors With Functionality and Storage

Murphy Door's products are created using the highest quality products, including the flawless, full-length mirror. Adding a mirror to your room will create an illusion of additional space, brighten up a dull corner of your room, and add interest. Use the mirror to help you choose your outfit for the day while you're getting ready. Then, you can open the hidden door with just one movement, revealing your secret room behind it.

Did you know you can add up to 20 cubic feet of storage space to your secret room by installing one of our hidden mirror doors? On the other side of our mirror are interior shelves that give you even more organization and storage options. If you’re short on space, you can even add a hidden wall bed to maximize every square foot in your room.

Customizable Mirror Doors that Fit Flawlessly in Your Space

Skip the messy and time-consuming process of creating your own hidden mirror door when you order from Murphy Door. You'll be able to completely customize your door by selecting the wood core type, wood type, door width, door height, door depth, swing direction, front pant panel design, additional cabinet doors, additional adjustable shelves, front and rear casing options, stain color, and entablature. Need a hidden mirror door with a lock? We can do that, too. With so many options for customization, you'll be able to create a beautiful hidden door that fits perfectly within your home.

Once your order is placed, sit back and relax while our team begins the process of designing and building your door. When it's completed, it's shipped directly to your home. Order your hidden mirror door from us today and experience the reason why we're the #1 recommended hidden door brand in the country.

What are the advantages of hidden mirror doors?

Hidden mirror doors allow you to enjoy the beauty of a floor-length mirror while adding a functional door that disguises the entrance to any room.

How much does it cost to install a hidden mirror door?

At Murphy Door, we design each product to be installed by the homeowner. We include specific instructions and even have hardware kits for purchase.

What materials are used to make hidden mirror doors?

When you order a hidden mirror door from Murphy Door, you can choose the specific wood core type and wood type that will be used for your mirror.

Can hidden mirror doors be installed in any type of wall?

Hidden doors can be installed in many different types of walls. Call our hidden door experts if you have specific questions regarding your space.