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Signature Speakeasy Murphy Door(Pre-Order)

Signature Speakeasy Murphy Door(Pre-Order)

Installs just like a regular door!

Signature Speakeasy Murphy Door(Pre-Order)
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Step into the world of refined taste with our Signature Speakeasy Murphy Door, the epitome of discreet luxury for the spirit connoisseur. This cabinet isn't just a piece of furniture; it's a gateway to a world of hidden delights, offering a secure, stylish display for your treasured whisky collection while doubling as a secret doorway. Make a statement with a cabinet that offers more than storage; it's a conversation starter, a stunning display, and a secret passage all in one. The Signature Speakeasy Murphy Door is where your taste for the finer things and your appreciation for clever design come together.




Wood Core Type: MDF

Finish: Matte Black Cabinet with Riveara Oak Monico interior back panel

Lower Cabinet Hardware: Cabinet Latch and French Antique Finish

Upper Door Style: Inset Mesh Panel and Emtek Sprindle Hardware

Upper Cabinet Hardware Finish: Fench Antique

Back Panel: Uniboard Riveara Oak Monico

Shelf Style: 2-1/2" Nosed

Lighting: LED Upper ONLY (with dimmer)


Features & Benefits

Diverse Size Selection: Tailor the cabinet to your space with available sizes including 24", 28", 30", 32", and 36", ensuring a perfect fit for your preferred location.

Elegant Interior: Inside, find a decorative Riviera Oak Monaco back panel, adding a touch of refined elegance and a warm contrast to the matte black exterior.

Ambient LED Lighting: Highlight your prized whisky collection with installed LED lighting, which not only showcases your spirits but also enhances the overall aesthetic of the cabinet.

Customizable Display: Four adjustable nosed shelves provide the flexibility to accommodate bottles of various sizes, making it easy to organize and display your collection to your exact liking.

What is a Murphy Door?

A Murphy Door is a hidden door designed to blend seamlessly into an existing room. Murphy Doors come in various designs and sizes and may appear, at first glance, to only be a built-in bookshelf, spice rack, mirror, or gun cabinet. However, each also acts as a fully functional, high-quality door between two rooms. Unmatched when it comes to security and novelty, Murphy Doors are hidden doors that are ideal for concealing valuables or simply adding a unique touch to any home.

How does the Signature Speakeasy Murphy Door function as a hidden doorway?

The Signature Speakeasy Murphy Door is ingeniously designed with a concealed doorway mechanism. When closed, it appears as a stylish whisky cabinet, but with a hidden latch, it transforms into a discreet doorway, providing access to hidden spaces in your home.

How do Murphy Doors work?

Murphy Doors are custom-built doors that function much like a normal interior door. Our doors don’t feature traditional door knobs or handles; however, hinges still allow the door to open in one direction, creating a pass-through between two spaces. Murphy Doors are installed in a rough opening in the wall, as each custom Murphy Door comes with the door’s head and side jambs and casing. Our high-quality design sets Murphy Door’s hidden doors apart from the rest. Superior materials and manufacturing mean our secret doors open smoothly, stay shut, and fit flush against your existing wall for a truly “invisible” appearance.

Can the Signature Speakeasy Murphy Door accommodate different sizes and shapes of whisky bottles?

Yes, the Signature Speakeasy Murphy Door is designed with adjustable shelves to accommodate various sizes and shapes of whisky bottles. Whether you have standard-sized bottles or unique shapes, this door provides flexible storage options.

Can you open a Murphy Door from the inside?

Yes. You can customize your Murphy Door’s swing direction; this means you can decide whether your door will open out (toward you) or in (away from you) when standing in front of the “built-in” side of the door. Either option, however, allows you to open the door from either side of it, so there’s no fear of being locked inside.

Is the Signature Speakeasy Murphy Door secure for storing valuable whisky collections?

Absolutely! The Signature Speakeasy Murphy Door is not only a stylish display cabinet but also a secure storage solution. It features a lockable door to keep your prized whisky collection safe and protected.