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Fun Home Improvement Projects

With the days growing shorter and not many dates left on the calendar, the time has come to consider how best to reward yourself for making it through another year. Why not treat yourself with one of the home improvement projects you've been dreaming of? 

After the year you've had, you definitely deserve a treat!

10 Home Improvement Projects to Reward Yourself With This Year

It's been a tough year. You deserve this.

1. Build a wine cellar.

When it comes to adding a wine cellar to your home, there's an option for almost every budget. You could go the DIY method and spend only what you absolutely must, or you could go all-out and design a wine-lover's paradise. There are almost no limits to how far you go with this fun exercise in treating yourself. If you only want a small wine space, then you can create it with our wine rack Murphy door.

2. Install solar panels.

More people are installing solar panels on their homes than ever before. And no wonder! Not only do solar panels lower a household's regular energy bills, but American solar power offsets over 70 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year! Treating yourself to solar panels can literally make the world a better place.

3. Remodel your master bathroom.

Marble tiles, silk curtains, plush runners, a glass-walled shower, clawfoot tub, and a waterfall vanity? Yes, please. 

4. Convert your unfinished basement.

If you're looking to turn your unfinished basement into a livable space (or modernize an outdated basement apartment), this could be the year to make it happen. As a bonus, finished and remodeled basements always add to your resale value.

5. Add a detached garage.

Though it's a bit pricer to add a detached garage than an attached one (mostly because you can't make use of your existing electrical wiring or pipes), there's just something so elegant about having a separate, usable structure offset from the rest of the house. Whether you plan to store a few vehicles, house a boat, or turn it into a "man cave," a detached garage would be a wonderful new property feature. 

6. Transform your attic into a boutique office.

Whether you go fully modern with gleaming stainless steel accents or you want to develop a cozy, attic-writer feel, transforming these small spaces can prove a treat in more ways than one. This functional room will give you a new space in which to enjoy the new year!

7. Finally build that deck.

A deck doesn't just add to your home's curbside appeal. As an extension of your house, it gives you even more space to rest, relax, and enjoy cocktails with friends. 

8. Open the floor plan.

Changing the floor plan of an existing house can be tricky. However, with professional help, you can identify walls that are not load-bearing, have them removed, and enjoy the expanded feeling your new open floor plan affords you. 

9. Give your home an exterior makeover. 

More than simply slapping on a new coat of paint, an exterior makeover changes the entire look and feel of your property. When you're done, you'll basically feel as if you have a new house without having gone through the hassle of moving. That's a definite treat.

10. Install a Murphy Door.

Murphy Door's hidden door solutions can add a sense of fun and intrigue to almost any room in the house. In addition to providing space-saving and storage solutions, our door systems are just the sort of unique feature you deserve at the end of a long year. 

Here at The Murphy Door, Inc., we believe every home can be a dream home with the right home improvement projects. So this year, treat yourself to the well-deserved improvements that will make your dream a reality!

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