3 Ways to Create Uncluttered Storage Space Without Feeling Cramped

April 23, 2020

3 Ways to Create Uncluttered Storage Space Without Feeling Cramped | Murphy Door, Inc.

The sun is shining, and spring cleaning is in full swing! There's no better way to make the most of #StayingAtHome than by getting a head start on organizing your space. Clutter weighs on our productivity and can feel claustrophobic and stifling. It's time to rediscover the beauty of open space in your kitchen, living room, or office. No matter the size of your home, there's a storage solution fix for all of life's odds and ends. Check out these three ways to create uncluttered storage space without feeling cramped.

1. Add Functional Decor

Gone are the days of boring storage bins, plastic tubs, and bulky closet organizers that are anything but chic. Make the most of any space with creative organizing tools that hide the chaos in plain sight. 

For the home office, using colorful binder clips as cable organizers is a great storage hack. Cords take up far more space than we realize and can add to a general feeling of stress and clutter. Mason jars are a cute addition to any desk and a creative way to hold paperclips, pens, and more. A peaceful workspace goes a long way in making us more productive when working from home.

Other fabulous design inspirations include:

  • Using wicker baskets for linens, clothes, and crafts
  • Converting old suitcases into an upcycled, vintage nightstands
  • Adding captain's beds designed with drawers built into the frame
  • Purchasing ottomans with convenient storage 

You can enhance even the most stifling space with a trendy, clean aesthetic and add uncluttered storage space. The possibilities are endless when it comes to achieving your DIY decor dreams and embracing the minimalist life!

2. Light Up Your Beautiful Home

Too much furniture can feel cluttered and overwhelming. Excessive dressers, bookshelves, and chests also block natural light from reaching a room. Open up your floor plan by opting for vertical storage solutions that offer uncluttered storage space. There's no need to limit your interior design plans by the horizontal space available. Think outside the box with these artsy, convenient storage solutions!

Floating shelves are always on-trend and provide the perfect showcase for books and other items. Best of all, these sleek structures won't block windows or shrink a room the way that bulky bookshelves might. If traditional bookshelves are more your style, however, you might consider installing one behind a bed or as part of a headboard. Not only with this save space, but the design creates a cozy, late-night reading nook.

Dangling hooks are great for mounting on the backs of doors to store keys, jewelry, and other items. Rather than hanging everything up in the closet, consider removing hangers entirely and installing tiered shelves. When properly folded, clothing will take up less space and appear neater. You can still use a runway-ready rack to showcase key pieces and curate your wardrobe.

3. A Doorway to Possibilities

Floor space is one of the most confounding obstacles when it comes to adopting a more minimalist lifestyle. Luckily for savvy home storage enthusiasts, there's much more to consider than simply lateral space options.

Room partitions are a great use of space, and they create a modern, European aesthetic. Unlike the claustrophobic feeling of too many storage tubs, doors and dividers can actually make a room feel bigger. These additions enhance the style of your home with a classical edge to match your decor.

At Murphy Door, Inc., we provide elegant and functional storage solutions that can turn any home into your dream design. From beautiful French doors to rustic bi-fold surface mounts, our durable hidden storage features will inspire any room. Our team is here for every step of the home makeover journey.

Are you looking for more inspiration? Turn your house into a space worthy of royalty by checking out these 6 Hidden Passageways in Castles, Manors, and More.

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