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4 Kitchen Design Tips to Make the Most of Your Kitchen

There's a reason that the kitchen is everyone's favorite room. It's the place where families gather, guests are entertained, and everyday memories are made. Because of this, your kitchen should be both beautiful and functional. But you don't have to be a professional home decorator or interior designer to bring your dream kitchen to life. Check out these four simple kitchen design tips from the design experts at Murphy Door to make your kitchen feel bigger, brighter, and more practical.

4 Fun Kitchen Design Tips

1. Lose the Clutter

The key to giving any space in your home (including the kitchen) an instant facelift is getting rid of excess clutter. Sounds easy enough, right? While getting rid of the items your family no longer needs, uses, or loves sounds pretty straightforward, decluttering is often easier said than done. 

Here are some tips to make cleaning your kitchen clutter quick and effective:

  • Start in one corner of the kitchen. Then work your way around the room in a circle to ensure that you don't get overwhelmed and nothing gets overlooked.
  • Be honest about how useful or necessary an item is. If you haven't used a utensil or appliance in the past year, it's time to let it go.
  • Remember, less is more. Less stuff gives you more space to move, cook, and create in your kitchen.

2. Create "Zones"

Everyone loves a stylish kitchen and trying new kitchen design tips. But the practicality of this busy household space is what will ultimately take it from ordinary to extraordinary. Designing a kitchen that is a pleasure to cook, clean, entertain in, and more is as simple as separating it into these zones:

  • Consumables: This includes everything you can eat. (Think about what you'd put in your refrigerator and pantry.)
  • Non-consumables: This includes silverware, dishes, glasses, etc.
  • Cleaning: All products and supplies you need to clean your kitchen belong in this category.
  • Preparation: This is the space where you'll prepare your food.
  • Cooking: Consider the space and appliances you'll use to cook your food, including the stove, microwave, and oven.

Be sure to store the items from each zone in their own distinct area that is away from the other zones. It is particularly helpful to do so strategically. For instance, you can store dishes in an easy-to-access cabinet to make your everyday routine smoother. Likewise, keep consumables away from cleaning products for safety purposes. 

3. Prioritize Light

A bright kitchen is a happy kitchen. If your kitchen feels dark, drab, or uninspiring, give it new life by prioritizing light — both natural and artificial. Here's how:

  • Choose window treatments that are light and airy to let in as much sunlight as possible.
  • If your home came with standard light fixtures, then replace them with contemporary ones.
  • Add a table lamp or two to your countertops for a surprising pop of personality while brightening up dark corners.
  • Hang a mirror across from your kitchen window or other light sources to maximize the brightness.

Opening up your windows and upgrading the light fixtures is one of the most fun kitchen design tips to implement. You can enhance the beauty of your kitchen in as little as one weekend. With plenty of light to go around, your kitchen is sure to feel more comfortable and look its best.

4. Maximize Space (With a Murphy Door)

Even after you've decluttered your kitchen and thoughtfully separated all of your essentials into their proper zones, having more space in your kitchen is never a bad thing. Luckily, you don't have to live in a mansion or completely remodel your home in order to gain more valuable kitchen space. You can easily extend your kitchen storage space with a gorgeous hidden Pantry Door

Choose a decoratively etched design, a full-length mirror, or a blackboard that’s perfect for writing down recipes on the front while enjoying practical spice rack shelving and up to 20 cubic feet of additional storage space. If you prefer your storage facing forward, then we've got you covered with our beautiful Spice Rack Door. Visit Murphy Door today to check out all of our quality products that can help you make the most of any room in your home.

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