5 Fun and Easy Home Improvement Resolutions

February 11, 2021

Homeowner sealing up leaks as one of her home improvement resolutions for 2021

If you are not sure how to improve your home for the year to come, focus on small improvements (both indoor and outdoor) that will make a big difference. You will be happy that you cleared out that tiny space. Here are some home improvement resolutions to continue the year the right way:

1. Move Items Around

Living rooms can look boring if you keep the furniture in the same spot all year round. Simply rearrange the couch and other seating areas to the opposite side of the room, and you will get a whole new perspective! You can also declutter the space considerably if you:

  • Move unwanted items to another area
  • Organize the available space you have and invest in hidden storage solutions
  • Bring in seating from another room

You and your family will appreciate the little change in the house. A change of scenery is nice to enter a new chapter in your life. 

2. Seal Those Annoying Cracks

You will get tired of seeing that crack in the wall. Make sure to fix up the outer walls, as well as around windows and doors. Cold air will get into the home at this time of year — but with a bit of sealant, you can avoid getting a draft. A sealing leak can:

  • Go through the home's foundation
  • Increase the risk of mold and mildew in your home
  • reduce airflow by 25%

Any of our Murphy Doors will function best without moisture seeping through to the inside of your house. It is important to protect the beautiful wood of every door. 

3. Update or Maintain the Heating System 

Having heating problems is a pain, but adding maintenance to your home improvement resolutions for 2021 can help. To keep your home cozy and warm in the winter, you definitely should:

  • Look at your boiler water levels
  • Change out the filter in your heating unit
  • Have the thermostat checked professionally
  • Monitor your furnace closely

It is important to put each element into consideration, especially if you have young children or a beloved pet in the house.

4. Check the Motion Lights

Sometimes, the motion sensor light needs a re-check. These are quite useful to alert you of intruders around your property or for guests that are visiting or leaving the home. This feature will bring unwanted attention to some people, but you can tell them, “Get off my lawn!”

To properly fix the motion light, pay close attention to :

  • Your motion light not turning on
  • Your motion light staying on 
  • The outdoor sensor failing to work

Any of these reasons are signs that a reset is in order. On the breaker panel, turn off the circuit for about one minute before turning it on again. Then check the motion lights outside. It is possible that this reset will easily fix the issue. 

5. Spruce up the Garden

If you are an avid gardener, it would be great to revamp the floral space of your home. Some cheap and fun ways to fix up your garden are:

  • Refresh or paint your old pots
  • Bring in seasonal or native plants
  • Add path lighting
  • Get fashionable and comfy furniture

Putting in some fabulous citrus trees and a quaint herb garden — full of parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and mint — will expand your horizons when it comes to gardening. Be one with nature!

You will be able to produce and collect ingredients for homemade, fresh food. These food items will go well in a holiday recipe or other special treat that you have always wanted to try.

Browse our blog for more ideas for home improvement resolutions in 2021, and please browse any of our specialty doors that we have in stock. Our Murphy Door selection will accentuate the overall mood of your home and is hand-crafted for anyone to enjoy — contact us to learn more! 

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