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5 Ideas for Repurposing Your New Graduate Room

Graduation isn't only an impressive accomplishment for the person who completed high school or college. It's also a testament to the parents who helped them get there. As your graduate moves on to a new phase of life that is both exciting and daunting, so do you as their biggest fan. Once your child has moved out to pursue their next endeavors, you may be wondering what that means for you and the empty new graduate's room. Here are some ideas from the trusted Murphy Door design team on repurposing your new graduate room.

Start From Scratch

You can't make the most of your child's empty bedroom if all their belongings are still taking up space. For this reason, it's important to clear out the room completely to give yourself a blank slate to work from before bringing in anything new. This, of course, will be easier said than done, especially if some of their items are particularly sentimental. But getting rid of the things they no longer want or need will be well worth the effort when you have an open, spacious room to work with. 

Pro Tip for Transforming Your New Graduate Room: 

Ask a friend to help in the decluttering process. This will give you an objective point-of-view of what items are worth keeping and which ones you can kiss goodbye.

What Will Be the Room’s Purpose?

After you've cleared out your graduate's bedroom, you can start brainstorming about how you'd like to use the space. While you're probably not used to having a room specifically designated for whatever purpose you fancy, don't be afraid to think outside the box about how the space might truly bring you joy. Some ideas could include:

  • A personal library to spend time reading or writing in a peaceful, cozy setting
  • A home gym to stay active and healthy without leaving your house
  • A space designated for your favorite hobbies, such as painting, sewing, or playing an instrument
  • An office to let you work from home in style
  • A home theater to enjoy movies with your friends and family whenever you like

Make It Multi-Purpose

Whether you transform your graduate's room into a home office, personal gym, or cozy library, it's a good idea to make the space multi-functional. This will come in handy when you entertain overnight guests or your child comes home to visit. Luckily, designing a room that serves multiple purposes is as easy as adding a few versatile furnishings. For instance, a sleeper sofa or Murphy Bed in your home office can provide a comfortable spot for your overnight visitors to sleep. 

Add Personal Touches

As you move into the empty-nester season of life, remember to have a little fun. Sure, transforming your graduate's bedroom into an area to draw or play the piano is a great start to focus more on your hobbies. But don't forget to bring in details that make you happy. Some ideas are:

  • Painting the walls your favorite color
  • Investing in furniture that reflects your unique personality
  • Displaying artwork that is meaningful to you

These are just a few simple ways to truly embrace the new area of your home and make sure that you look forward to spending time in it.

Keep It a Secret

How can you make your new graduate room even more special? With a hidden door, of course! At Murphy Door, we have a large variety of customizable hidden doors that can elevate the style and comfort of the room, no matter how you choose to use and decorate it. Visit us online today to check out our Mirror Doors, Bookcase Doors, Dresser Doors, and more.

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