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5 Home Upgrades for Making Your Home an Airbnb or Vacation Rental

You've decided to make your home available as an Airbnb or vacation rental and want to make it as appealing as possible. After stalking photos of other vacation rentals in your area, you know it's time to make some upgrades to your home before listing it. But which upgrades are the most important? Here's a look at a few upgrades that matter the most:

1. High-Quality Linens

It's always challenging getting a good night's sleep in a new place. If your renters sleep well in your vacation rental home, they'll give you a five-star rating. Splurge on 1,000-thread count sheets and down comforters. You might also want to consider replacing your mattresses or, at least, putting a pillow top mattress topper on each bed. 

You want your bedrooms to be simple and welcoming. It's a good idea to go with neutral colors. While you might love a jeweled-colored bedroom, not everyone will. Your bedrooms should be peaceful and serene. If your home is near the beach, you might lean into the beach theme but stick to muted blues and beiges for the linens and comforters. 

2. Create an Outdoor Oasis

It doesn't matter if your rental is located by the beach or mountains or in a downtown urban area. At the end of the day, your renters want a place where they can come home and unwind. Creating an outdoor oasis gives them the space to do this. 

If you already have outdoor furniture, you might consider adding a fire pit and lighting so that your guests can enjoy the space late into the evening. Another popular feature is a hot tub. Hot tubs are the way to go if you have gorgeous views. 

3. Energy-Efficient Appliances

When you rent your home out as a vacation house, you have no control over how long someone leaves the oven on or how many times a day they run the dishwasher. But you have to pay those utility bills. By upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, you can enjoy peace of mind and save money. 

This upgrade can also help you attract more renters. You can advertise that you have all the new appliances. In some cases, you might want to mention that these appliances are energy-efficient and eco-friendly ones. Some renters look for eco-friendly homes. 

4. Safety First

Walk through your home and identify any spaces where someone might trip and fall. Once you locate them, revamp the area to eliminate the risks. Place safety mats in all the bathtubs and showers. It's also a good idea to place bathroom rugs outside walk-in showers and tubs. You don't want anyone to slip on a wet floor. 

You might consider buying a first aid kit to place in the kitchen. Many big box stores offer comprehensive kits, and you can replace items as they get used. Also, it's beneficial to place a fire extinguisher under the sink in the kitchen. Test all of your smoke alarms after each rental and consider adding a carbon monoxide detector. 

5. Hide the Cleaning Supplies

When you're on vacation, the last thing you want to see is the vacuum cleaner, mop, and general cleaning supplies. Other than running the dishwasher and washing a load of clothes, your renters don't want to think about housework. 

A locking hidden door is a way to keep these essentials easily accessible for cleaning after someone leaves without making it noticeable during guest stays. With Murphy Door, you can replace the door to your supply room with a bookshelf door that your guests will never suspect leads to cleaning supplies.

Upgrading your home before listing it on a vacation rental website can help you attract more renters. Murphy Door wishes you much success with your rental!

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