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How to Add Chic Storage to Open-Layout Homes

People love open floor plans for their bright and airy ambiance. As one living space seamlessly flows into the next, even the smallest homes can feel more spacious and inviting. While the visual appeal of an open concept can seem like an effortless way to make your home look and feel fabulous, it does pose one concern: how to incorporate storage without infringing on the open space. Check out these tips from the experts at Murphy Door to add chic storage to open-layout homes.

Utilize Wall Space

When it comes to bringing functional storage solutions to an open-concept space, the walls are your best option. Adding furnishings, such as bookshelves, to the middle of the room would block the clear view that makes having an open floor plan so enticing. Similarly, smaller storage pieces, such as baskets or bins, can make the room appear cluttered or intrude on valuable walking space. 

However, adding floating shelves, cabinets, or other storage solutions to the walls can provide the space you need to store and display everything from books and accessories to dishes and photographs while embracing the airiness of an open home.

Keep It Stylish

Where you position your storage pieces isn't the only thing that's worth considering when striving to make the most of your open-concept floor plan. Your home's storage should be as attractive as it is practical. 

With this in mind, it's important to choose pieces that complement the bright and welcoming vibe that makes an open floor plan so lovely. This could include:

  • Sticking with items that are lighter in color rather than dark or busy
  • Incorporating furniture with clean lines
  • Using thin materials instead of bulky ones whenever possible

Invest in Multi-Purpose Pieces

While multi-functional furnishings can be beneficial to any area of your home, they're instrumental in homes with an open-concept layout. This eliminates the need for too many pieces that could make the space look cluttered or messy. Also, furniture that serves multiple functions can often effortlessly transition between different areas within the same room. 

Because of this, it's worth searching for pieces that serve multiple purposes. Consider seating with built-in storage or tables with added shelves when decorating your open living spaces. 

Take Advantage of Unused Space

Regardless of how your floor plan may be laid out, every home has areas of "wasted" space that could be better utilized in terms of both style and functionality. Identify the nooks, corners, or other areas of your home's open layout that aren't being used for a specific purpose. This is the first step to creating storage space that works for your family's unique needs. 

You may be surprised by how useful an empty corner of your living room can become. Add chic storage to open-layout homes by simply adding a few hooks, shelves, and bins. Then you can easily store school supplies, pet essentials, and more.

Create Hidden Storage Space

The best way to add chic storage to open-layout homes involves ones that can't be seen. After all, the more open a living space is, the better in terms of creating a home that feels chic and refreshing. Fortunately, adding storage space that is accessible, practical, and, most importantly, hidden is easy with Murphy Door. Our quality hidden door solutions can enhance the appearance and atmosphere of your open-concept floor plan. Try one in virtually any room in your home. 

Visit us online to check out our Flush Mount Bookcase DoorMirror DoorDress Door, and more. We can't wait to help you make your open layout dreams a reality!

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