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How to Create a Home Coffee Bar

Enjoying a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, cocktail, or nightcap in the comfort of your own home beats going to a cafe or bar any day. But it's especially convenient when you're entertaining guests. Creating a specific spot to treat your visitors to a fresh cup of coffee in the morning or mix up your favorite beverage in the evening is a great way to make everyone who steps foot in your house feel right at home. Fortunately, designing a home coffee bar or cocktail nook that is both stylish and practical is easy with these tips from Murphy Door.

Pick the Perfect Spot

Before you break out your coffee mugs or margarita glasses, it's important to find the ideal spot to build your coffee or cocktail bar. An open space on your counter could work. So could a traditional bar cart or even an empty side table. No matter what spot you choose to designate for your perfect beverage station, be sure that there's enough space to hold all of your supplies, including:

  • Cups
  • Appliances
  • Your preferred mixers and add-ins

Using trays, baskets, and small bins can also be helpful in keeping your supplies organized and easy to find. 

Stock It With the Essentials

The best home coffee or cocktail areas aren't limited to a simple coffee pot or bottle of wine. To make the most of your beverage area and create a spot that feels luxurious, be sure to include plenty of drink options. For an over-the-top coffee station, also consider including a variety of flavored syrups, coffee and tea options, and sweeteners.

Then finish it off with mugs, spoons, and napkins to ensure everything is easily accessible and ready to go any time you're interested in enjoying a cup of Joe. Remember, you may love a strong shot of espresso or a calming cup of green tea. But your guests may prefer something else. With this in mind, it's always a good idea to keep several coffee and tea options on hand.

For the ultimate home bar area, start by displaying an array of your favorite liquors. Then, incorporate a few mixtures that could be used with any of them. Make your bar cart look like it was curated by a pro; transfer the drinks from their original bottles into glass decanters. The result is sure to look sophisticated and timeless. Don't forget a set of wine glasses, rock glasses, and any other drinkware you may need. You can also add a cocktail shaker and napkins. 

Make It Your Own

Your home coffee bar or cocktail area should be as attractive as it is functional. Putting a unique touch on your coffee bar or cocktail nook can make it feel special and one-of-a-kind. Here are some ideas to help you do just that:

  • Display your drink menu with chalkboard paint 
  • Use monogrammed napkins for a personalized touch
  • Bring in decorations that you love, such as fresh flowers or a framed family photo

Maximize the Space With a Hidden Door

Adding a hidden door from Murphy Door to any doorway creating a coffee bar or cocktail nook is a great way to make entertaining guests in your home even simpler. Our Wine Rack Door easily holds your favorite wines along with your barware and accessories. Cabinets can be added to our Flush Mount Bookcase Door easily hold all of your coffee bar essentials by adding 20 cubic feet to your pantry or any other existing doorway. To find the perfect hidden door solution for your beverage area or any other space in your home, visit us online today. You won't believe how enjoyable entertaining can be with the help of a hidden door. 

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