Answering Popular Questions about Gun Cabinets: The Bullet Points

Answering Popular Questions about Gun Cabinets: The Bullet Points

Every gun owner knows it's essential to keep firearms appropriately stored, including finding a safe place for them in the home. In fact, keeping firearms secure, safe, and organized is perhaps the most critical responsibility of any gun owner. Thankfully, there are plenty of gun storage options on the market and many ways in which you can store guns, ammo, and their accessories. At Murphy Door, we offer a gun cabinet door that keeps firearms safely under lock and key, all while concealing a secret space behind the secret gun cabinet door. 

But how are our gun cabinet doors different from others, and how do they compare with gun safes? Let's dig deeper into our gun-safe furniture options and how you can include them in your home.

What is a gun cabinet, and why do people use them? 

A gun cabinet is a piece of furniture designed to store and display any firearms. Gun cabinets are usually designed only to hold a few firearms, some ammo, and other gun accessories. They come in many different designs, from those that look like a piece of furniture or even a small closet. Cabinets have security features such as a lock, digital keypad, or even biometric access, ensuring your firearms are stored securely and safely.

How is a hidden gun cabinet different from a traditional firearm safe?

While the two terms can be synonymous, there are some main differences between a gun cabinet and traditional firearms safe. Unlike gun cabinets, gun safes are rigid, secure containers with an exterior made of thick steel. Even though they are heavy and more expensive than gun cabinets, they offer more security. Some even have fire or flood protection. They can be freestanding or built into the home's walls and are generally a more permanent solution for gun storage due to their heaviness and accessibility. A traditional firearms safe offers locking mechanisms and locking bolts that provide high security against those attempting to break into the safe. 

Unlike traditional firearms safes, secret gun cabinets can disguise themselves as everyday objects, such as a bookshelf, cabinet, or dresser, to blend in with the surrounding decor. Our covert firearms storage cabinets are incredibly versatile, allowing you to choose the exact specifications you'd like for your room. Design your own camouflaged gun cabinet from options like wood type, door width and height, swing direction, hardware, and more. 

How secure are hidden gun cabinets?

The security of secret gun cabinets can vary depending on the manufacturer and design of the specific cabinet. The benefit of having a hidden gun cabinet is being able to conceal your firearms in a secret place where most people don't know it exists. While hidden gun cabinets are made from standard wood and glass materials, they can be used to disguise your gun storage area. For maximum gun cabinet security, we recommend that you only store unloaded weapons directly in the display area.

How many firearms can the hidden gun cabinets from Murphy Door hold?

The number of guns our hidden gun cabinets hold varies depending on the cabinet size and door width. 

Our 12" deep door can hold up to 5-8 guns, with the gun slots varying based on door width. Width and gun slot information are as follows:

30" to 34" - 5 rifles

35" to 42" - 6 rifles

43" to 47" - 7 rifles

48" - 8 rifles

Our 8-¼" deep door holds 3-7 guns with width and gun slot information as follows:

24" to 29" - 3 rifles

30" to 33" - 4 rifles

34" to 41" - 5 rifles

42" to 47" - 6 rifles

48" - 7 rifles

Each cabinet width also has specific features that are different from the other. For the 12" deep door, there will be an included cabinet lock, an ammo drawer, and a tilt-down pistol cubby with six simple-to-install magnets that allow you to position the guns however you'd like.

Our 8-¼" deep door has slab-style upper and lower cabinet doors, an included key lock, and a fixed lower shelf. Have something in mind that's not on our website? Contact us about our special order cabinets.

Where can secret firearm cabinets be installed?

There are countless locations where you could put a hidden gun cabinet. Install it in a living room, bedroom, basement, or even a secret room in the home. Create a vault where you can store all your firearms and ammunition while maintaining the security and discretion you need. Conceal it inside a walk-in closet or in an office space. You can't go wrong no matter where you choose to place your concealed gun storage.

Once you've decided on a location for your secret gun cabinet, you'll want to consider a few other factors before ordering your gun cabinet. You'll need to consider the size and type of firearms you want to store and the level of security you need. Lastly, what is the space's overall aesthetic, and what are your design goals? Once you've decided on all of those factors, you'll be able to decide what concealed gun storage cabinet is the right option for you.

Are hidden gun cabinets bulletproof?


Murphy Door: The Hidden Door Experts 

No matter the cabinet style you order or where you have it installed, you can be sure that each hidden gun cabinet from Murphy Door is a beautifully built and functional piece of furniture in your home. And we don't stop there. As the original and top hidden door manufacturer in America, we make a wide variety of seamless door options, giving you the opportunity to create hidden door areas in any room of your home. Our doors are unmatched when it comes to security and novelty, giving you a unique way to conceal valuable items or even just adding a unique touch to your home. Browse through our gun cabinet collection, or take a peek at all of our hidden door solutions. Have any specific questions? Contact us at 888-458-5911 or by emailing

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