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4 Easy Tips to Create an Organized Home Gym Space

Choosing to exercise at home rather than at a gym has been a growing trend for people of all ages over the past decade. But there's no denying that the global pandemic made home workouts even more popular. Why take the time to drive across town and pay for a gym membership when you can have the convenience of staying active in the comfort of your own organized home gym? 

If you're interested in taking your home gym to the next level, Murphy Door is here to help. Check out these four easy tips that will have you looking forward to breaking a sweat in your home every day.

1. Choose the Right Space

Before you start investing in exercise equipment, it's important to find the perfect spot for your home gym. If you have a spare room just waiting to be filled with hand weights and exercise balls, great! 

On the other hand, most homeowners will have to be a bit more creative to bring their dream exercise room to life, especially if space at your house is limited. In these cases, using part of a guest bedroom, home office, or large family room can be helpful. 

You don't need an entirely empty room to design a comfortable, functional, and organized home gym. But you certainly need enough space to move without bumping into other furniture. If the inside of your home offers no possibilities, consider bringing your workout to the garage. 

2. Include Your Favorite Equipment

The exercise equipment you incorporate into your home gym will depend on the workouts you plan on doing. If you love lifting weights, a bench press and dumbbells are obvious must-haves. But a yoga mat and resistance bands would be more appropriate for low-impact exercises. Only you can decide what to include in your workout space. 

You'll be the one using them, after all. 

Just remember to choose pieces you'll actually find useful rather than what you think you should invest in. Check out these ideas to stay fit at home without going overboard:

  • Hand weights or resistance bands
  • Exercise ball
  • Treadmill or rowing machine
  • Stationary bike or elliptical 
  • Yoga mat
  • Bench press

3. Don't Forget the Details

Along with having enough space to work out and including the right exercise equipment for your needs, be sure to add details to your at-home workout room that will make exercising at home more pleasant and fun. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your organized home gym:

  • Hang an oversized mirror on the wall across from where you plan to exercise to help you see your form and technique.
  • Bring in a television or stereo system to keep yourself entertained and motivated with your favorite show or music while you work out.
  • Add rubber or foam mats to the space to keep you comfortable while protecting your equipment during high-impact routines.

4. Keep It Hidden

Just because you work out at home doesn't mean that you want everyone seeing your equipment every time they come over to visit. Fortunately, keeping your home gym easily accessible but out of sight is easier than you may think. With a hidden door from Murphy Door, you can have your perfect at-home workout space without compromising your home's style. 

Whether you have a whole room dedicated specifically to your fitness routine or have transformed a spare bedroom or office into a multi-purpose work-out area, a Flush Mount Bookcase Door, Mirror Door, or Hamper Door can stylishly hide it from sight. Visit us online today to browse our large selection of customizable hidden door solutions to bring your home gym dreams to life.

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