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4 Storage Ideas for Dog Owners (That Don't Sacrifice Your Home's Sophistication and Style)

Your home is your castle. But when you're a dog owner, sometimes it's up for debate who actually rules your palace. Dogs are beloved members of our families. Still, storage ideas for dog owners can be challenging when your beloved fur baby has the run of the house when you're not home. Even the best-trained dogs can often hunt for treasure in your storage spaces, finding treats (or what they think are treats) wherever they look. With persistent dogs, this can put a strain on your organization. It can lead to less elegant solutions for keeping items out of reach of your beloved pet.

But you don't have to compromise style or space to control your dog's access to food, medication, and other items. With some creative storage ideas for dog owners, you can establish dog-safe places to use as storage to increase your organization and protect your dog and belongings.

1. Wall-Mounted Feeding Shelves

Food and water dishes on the ground can be a hazard for you and your loved ones. Walking through a dark room only to find that your dog has pushed their dish to the middle of the floor is a recipe for disaster, but with wall-mounted feeding shelves, you can ensure that your dog's dish stays exactly where you want it. These shelves provide your dog a consistent place to take their meals. They also eliminate spilled water from tipped bowls and overexcited eaters. Many of these shelves will also come with extra matching shelves for floating above dishes, perfect for storing dog food and treats out of your dog's reach.

2. Hanging Baskets

Unlike cat owners, dog owners can rely on their dog not being able to jump to the ceiling to get goodies stored up high. Hanging baskets can provide an excellent way to keep medications, treats, grooming supplies, or any other dog necessities in one place out of reach of your beloved canine. Hanging baskets come in many chic and beautiful varieties and are incredibly affordable storage ideas for dog owners. 

With anchors and hooks, you can easily store plenty of smaller pet supplies in efficient baskets. Then you don't have to sacrifice shelf space or worry about ceiling studs. Baskets can add beautiful depth and character to a room, as well. So with some DIY effort, you could easily convert old wicker baskets or even planters into unique and elegant storage solutions.

3. Pull-Out Food Drawers

If you have a larger dog, then you probably have a lot of food on hand at any given time. Large bags of food can be unwieldy eyesores. While storing dry kibble in large plastic storage totes may make feeding time and storage easier, they aren't exactly attractive decorations in a space. A pet food utility cabinet can be a great way to store food conveniently close to a dog's feeding area without sacrificing style. Use this dedicated storage for your dog to store treats, medication, and food, as well. This keeps all pet supplies in one place. Also, you can secure it from more persistent dogs with a bit of childproofing.

4. Hidden Storage Ideas for Dog Owners

If you have dogs in a smaller home, then you know how frustrating constant shedding can be. Even with regular brushing, some dogs just can't help shedding that outer coat all over your house. This results in hair getting all over everything that isn't closed away from your dog. With space limitations, some dog owners often find themselves having to weigh their priorities. They have to choose what to put in enclosed cabinets versus what to leave on shelves that are exposed to this constant onslaught of pet hair.

A hidden door to a closet or storage room could offer the perfect solution. The bookcase shelving delivers attractive storage options. Even better, grooming supplies, bags of food, and sought-after treats could be easily concealed behind. This keeps your pet from foraging and creates a pet hair-free storage area. To learn more about hidden doors and the unique storage solutions they offer, visit Murphy Door today.

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