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4 Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen Cabinets

There's a reason why the kitchen is known as "the heart of the home." It's the place where ordinary life and special memories alike happen. Because kitchens get so much action, from after-school-snacking to holiday entertaining and everything in between, they also tend to be one of the most cluttered rooms in the home. If your kitchen could use some decluttering (and honestly, whose doesn't?), Murphy Door can help. Check out these easy tips to combat the clutter by decluttering your kitchen cabinets.

1. Assess What You Have

Before trying to determine what kitchen essentials should be let go and which ones are worth keeping, it's important to take an inventory of what you actually have. Start by completely emptying the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen. This can be done in sections if your kitchen is particularly large or cluttered. Next, separate the belongings into piles of similar items. Then, you'll have a concrete idea of how many measuring cups, plates, and other pieces you have. 

2. Toss vs. Keep

Once you remove everything from your cabinets and separate it into piles, you can determine what you should get rid of and what you can keep. There's no question that letting go of personal belongings can be hard. But focusing on the goal of having a tidy, organized kitchen is worth the time and effort of decluttering. To help the sorting process go as smoothly as possible, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the item broken? Does it have missing pieces?
  • Have you recently used it?
  • Do you like it?
  • Are you keeping it because someone gave it to you or because it's sentimental?

Don't be afraid to donate or throw away a kitchen item that you don't like, use, or need. It may surprise you how good it feels to let it go and free up valuable space in a cabinet or drawer. 

3. Put Away Strategically

After you've sorted through the pieces that you plan to donate or toss, you can begin putting away the items you intend to keep back in their designated spot in your kitchen. This is a tricky step in your project of decluttering your kitchen cabinets. To ensure that everything in the room is easy to find and get to, it's worth thinking about where you put them. Keep these tips in mind to make the most of your kitchen and prevent it from becoming cluttered:

  • Choose a "home" for every item. Knowing where something belongs and having adequate space for it will make it easier to find when you need it. You'll also find it more convenient to put it away properly when you finish with it.
  • Store similar items together, such as dinnerware in one cabinet, small appliances in another, tableware in another, etc.
  • Break your kitchen into "zones," such as pots and pans, dishes, appliances, cleaning supplies, dry goods, etc.
  • Put pieces in a location that is conveniently located for their purpose, such as coffee mugs by your coffee maker.
  • Put the pieces you use every day in an easy-to-access spot, such as lower cabinets, and the pieces you occasionally use out of the way.

4. Maximize Storage Space With Murphy Door

When it comes to maximizing the storage space in your kitchen, you can't beat the functionality of incorporating a hidden door into the space. Bringing in a Pantry Door or Spice Rack Door can enhance your kitchen by:

  • Providing additional storage space
  • Keeping dishes and tableware you rarely use out of the way
  • Perfectly complementing the style of your home

Because they instantly add 15 cubic ft. of storage to the doorway, it is easy to see why they were named "Best Indoor Product 2022" at the NAHB International Builders Show! Visit us online today to find the perfect hidden door solution for your kitchen and every other room in your home. You won't believe how convenient decluttering your kitchen cabinets and maintaining a beautiful, organized home can be!

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