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5 Fun Ways to Renovate Your Closet

Your closet is a place that sets the tone for the rest of your day. When your closet is tidy and organized, getting ready for the day will be a pleasant experience. On the other hand, when your closet is cluttered, disorganized, and impractical, mornings can feel more draining than energizing. If your closet could benefit from an upgrade or two, Murphy Door is here to help renovate your closet. Check out these easy tips to get the most out of your closet space. 

1. Update the Lighting

If you think the lighting in your closet doesn't matter, think again. Choosing light fixtures that properly illuminate the space doesn’t just affect the way your clothes look when they're hanging in front of you; it also affects how you feel when you're getting ready for the day. 

To ensure that your closet is effectively illuminated, be sure to bring in lighting that is modern and bright. If you're lucky enough to have a spacious closet, don't be afraid to add a bold fixture, such as a chandelier or pendant lights. For closets that are on the smaller side, you can't go wrong with recessed lighting or even LED light strips. 

2. Add Storage Solutions

Hanging clothes in your closet is a no-brainer. But there are a variety of other ways to store your clothing, shoes, and accessories that can make getting ready a pleasure day after day. Here are three closet storage solutions that can help you achieve a more orderly closet in an instant:

  • Drawers can make a great addition to virtually any closet to store items, such as socks. You can also store things on top of drawers, such as jewelry boxes.
  • Add baskets to the top of your closet to store seasonal items, such as winter gloves, hats, and scarves. 
  • Install shelves to keep your shoes, handbags, and other items that can't be hung in order.

3. Prioritize Style

Of course, the functionality of your closet is important. But so is the way it looks. When your closet looks as beautiful as the other rooms in your home, you'll look forward to spending time in it and keeping it organized. To help your closet look its very best, consider trying these tips:

  • Give your closet walls and shelves a fresh coat of paint in a calming color, such as blush pink or slate gray.
  • Add a pop of color and personality by covering your closet walls with funky wallpaper.
  • Bring in a plush area rug to your walk-in closet.

4. Organize Like a Pro

After you've included the right storage solutions and stylish touches to your closet, it's time to fill it with your belongings. Taking the time to do so in a thoughtful, strategic manner will make all the difference in helping you achieve a closet that you'll be proud to call your own. Keep these tips in mind to organize and renovate your closet like a pro:

  • Separate your clothing by season (all of your summer pieces together, all of your winter pieces together, and so on).
  • Store like items in groups (tops, dresses, shoes, etc.).
  • Add labels to drawers, bins, and baskets that you can't see inside.

5. Install a Murphy Door

No matter how large your closet may be, you could always benefit from more storage space. With a customizable Mirror Door from Murphy Door, you can add up to 20 cubic feet of storage to your closet doorway to hold shoes, bags, accessories, and more while enhancing the beauty of your bedroom with a stunning full-length mirror. To find the right Mirror Door as you renovate your closet, or to browse our selection of other hidden door solutions, visit us online today.

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