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5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Mudroom

Mudrooms are often the last place homeowners think to decorate, but they shouldn't be. Mudrooms are one of the most frequently used spaces in one's home, particularly because they are the first spot you see when coming home and the last place you use before you leave. Because of this, your mudroom should be designed in a comfortable, stylish way to make your family's life easier. If it's been a while since you've given your mudroom a second thought, check out these five tips from Murphy Door to upgrade your mudroom.

1. Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint

In many homes, the mudroom is the first place family members and guests see. For this reason, it's important to take the time to make it look and feel as welcoming as the other living spaces in your home. A great place to start as you upgrade your mudroom is with a new coat of paint. Bright whites and light color palettes work particularly well in entryways and mudrooms. They can make the area feel spacious and open, even if it's not. To keep it practical and as family-friendly as possible, be sure to choose a stain-resistant paint or cover white furniture with a lacquer finish to make cleaning a breeze.

2. Maximize Storage

The best mudrooms are as practical as they are stylish. After all, the mudroom is where many folks place bags, store shoes, and keep car keys. With this in mind, providing additional storage space can help enhance the practicality of your mudroom while ensuring you stay as organized as possible. Looking for inspiration for storage solutions? You can't go wrong with the following:

  • Cabinets to store everything from garden tools to cleaning supplies
  • Open shelves to display plants, knick-knacks, and photographs
  • Storage benches to give you a comfy place to sit while you remove your shoes
  • Hooks to hang bags, jackets, and hats

3. Prioritize Light

Rooms that are well-lit look bigger, brighter, and better. If your mudroom feels small, dark, or closed in, consider how you could open it up by maximizing the available light. If you're lucky enough to have a window or paneled door in your mudroom, be sure to keep it free of obstructions and dressed in light window treatments rather than heavy ones that are prone to block out the sunlight. 

But if your mudroom has small windows or no windows at all, incorporating additional light sources can help brighten things up. Bring in a floor lamp to elevate a dark corner. Alternatively, upgrade your mudroom by installing sconces and pendant lights; this frees up valuable walking space. No matter how you choose to illuminate your mudroom, the result is sure to be fresh and inviting.

4. Break It Into Zones

Organizing your mudroom can be quite the challenge, particularly for large families. To make sure your mudroom stays clutter-free and user-friendly for everyone who steps into it, break the space into zones based on your particular needs. Whether you designate a specific hook and basket for each person to hold their belongings or separate shelves and drawers into categories for individual activities, creating zones is a wonderful way to make the most of your mudroom. 

Pro Tip:

To make it clear where one zone ends and the other begins, be sure to coordinate by color. Alternatively, label the areas clearly. Your family will be sure to thank you when their everyday essentials can easily be found in their proper place.

5. Keep It Hidden

Having your personal belongings in your mudroom on display for everyone who enters your home to see isn't always ideal. While many people would love the option to hide their mudroom from plain sight, few mudrooms include a door. Fortunately, with the hidden door options available from Murphy Door, keeping your mudroom discreet has never been easier. Investing in a classic bookcase door, wine rack door, hidden mirror door, or even pool cue door can help give your home a refined touch. It will upgrade your mudroom while providing additional storage capabilities and, most importantly, keeping your mudroom hidden. To browse our large selection of hidden door options, visit us online today.

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