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Where to Hide Christmas Presents

When children hear the word "Christmas," they instantly think of one thing: presents. What's more exciting than the anticipation that comes with waiting to open what's been hiding under the tree for what feels like a lifetime when you're a kid? Of course, the tricky part for parents is making sure that their little ones make it to Christmas morning without discovering what Santa brought them beforehand. As we all know, hiding Christmas presents is often easier said than done. To keep the Christmas magic alive in your home, we’ve put together some sneaky solutions to hide your holiday presents from your clever kids.

1. Hide Them in Plain Sight

Let's face it, kids know where to look for presents, especially if they're older (or just kids at heart!). That means that hiding places under your bed, in your closet, or in the garage aren't going to cut it. The trick to a successful hiding spot is choosing somewhere where they'd never think to check. 

Sometimes, that means keeping them in plain sight. They'd expect to dig through cabinets and drawers, but right under their noses? They'd never expect that one. This is especially effective for small gifts. Stuffing gifts in Tupperware containers, behind books on your shelf, or in empty laundry detergent boxes are all great ways to disguise presents without your kids ever finding them. 

2. Keep Them at Someone Else's House

If your children are particularly curious or you're trying to hide a present that's virtually impossible to disguise, such as a bike, it's best to find somewhere other than your home to store it until you're ready to give it to them. This is where friends and family come in handy. 

Just be sure to choose a home that your child won't have access to. There's no sense in hiding an Xbox at grandma's house if your kids will go snooping around her closets when they get the chance. 

Bottom line? Choose your designated hiding home wisely.

3. Find Somewhere They Don't Go

Sometimes it's not worth the risk of hiding presents around the house or at a relative's house. If this is the case, hiding gifts in locations that your kids never step foot may be a smarter decision. If you're fortunate enough to have space to store them at work, go for it. By taking this approach, you can relax when you get home, knowing that they'll never find your hidden treasure. 

Likewise, keeping gifts in the trunk of your car is another effective strategy. Young kids will never find them there, and older ones can easily be thrown off by other items covering them, such as blankets or boxes. 

4. Stage Fake Presents

If your children will stop at nothing until they've discovered their presents, tricking them may be your best bet to keep everything a surprise. 

‘How?’ you might ask. By wrapping fake presents! 

Wrap empty boxes or packages filled with random items, such as books. Then place them under the tree. This is a great option for hiding Christmas presents to encourage your kids to stop looking for unwrapped gifts. Imagine their surprise when the real presents arrive on Christmas morning!

5. Hide Them Behind a Hidden Door

Having hidden storage options is an invaluable feature in any home, especially during the holiday season. When you have a hidden door from The Murphy Door, Inc. attached to your bedroom, office, or living room, you can easily keep even the biggest presents a surprise from peeping children. 

This is especially useful if you have family staying over and you need clever ideas for hiding Christmas presents from your guests! They won't even think to search your closet when all they see is a handsome bookshelf on the wall. To check out our large selection of hidden doors just in time for the holidays, visit us online or give us a call. 

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