5 Tips to Create Your Perfect Reading Room

July 29, 2021

woman reading a book in her perfect reading room

Reading rooms are a popular space right now. Having a reading room is a great way to have a designated space to decompress, relax, and, of course, read. If you're looking to upgrade or create your own perfect reading room, we have some important tips to keep in mind. 

1. Choose Comfy Seating Options

Obviously, seating is key when creating your perfect reading room. You want your seating to be comfortable and versatile. An oversized chair with an ottoman is always a solid foundation. Make sure the chair is one you love both for aesthetics and usability. You want it to be somewhere you can curl up and nap but also sit for hours with your favorite book.

If you have the space to incorporate some fun, out-of-the-box seating ideas in your reading room, there are plenty of options to choose from. A hanging seat, oversized floor pillows, or a window seat are all trendy, neat options to add. 

2. Install Mood Lighting

You will want to incorporate enough light into your reading room — so reading at night isn't a problem — but also have enough options to keep it dim and cozy if that's the vibe you're going for. 

Including different options for lighting with a ceiling light, floor lamp, and desk lamp will give you options not only for different times of the day but for different uses of your reading room. 

When designing your reading nook, you could also think about adding decorative wall sconces for accent lighting of your bookshelves or special wall art you plan to hang. Sconces will not only add light but will also elevate your reading room to a well-designed space. 

3. Add Plenty of Storage Space

Having your books close at hand is a top priority in designing your reading space. If your reading room has built-in bookshelves, that's amazing! If not, don't be discouraged. You can easily incorporate different-sized bookcases throughout the space to keep the flow while still giving you extra book storage. 

Don't forget about floating shelves, either. Wall-mounted floating shelves are a great way to add extra storage space without taking up extra floor space. These also make a great focal feature and can have plants or decorative items to make them both storage and a work of art!

4. Fill It With Things You Love

This is your happy place. Your reading room is your retreat from the world where you can sit back, enjoy a cup of tea, and read your worries away. You should fill it only with things you absolutely love.

This can include artwork, plants, pillows, colors, and fabrics. Anything you include in your reading room should bring you joy and also be functional in the space. 

Adding some pops of color can brighten the room, boosting your mood. Having extra fluffy pillows and throws at hand is perfect for afternoon naps but also adds layers to your room design. 

5. Create a Secret Entrance

Take your reading room to the next level and make it completely perfect with a hidden door!

Having your perfect reading room all to yourself is the ultimate luxury. With a secret bookcase door leading you to it, it's like your own private oasis. No one will ever suspect your beautiful built-in bookcase is actually a door to your own hidden reading room.

Plus, you have the added benefit of extra book storage. Stage your hidden bookcase door to fit your style and home's aesthetics. Only you will know it leads to a secret reading room that's all yours. 

If you're planning your own reading room and are considering having a secret bookcase door for your entrance, then Murphy Door can help you find the perfect style that fits your budget. 

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