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5 Ways to Save the Dead Space in Your Home

Is dead space haunting your house? Every home has dozens of square feet wasting away without easy ways to use it or minimize your home’s clutter. If you’re looking for easy, fun ways to resurrect that dead space, give these five solutions a shot:

1. The Appliance Graveyard

Have you looked deep into your kitchen cabinets lately? You know the one I'm talking about — yes, the one that you have to get on your hands and knees to reach way back into. The one where you have to move everything in the front onto the floor just so you can see. There's another waffle maker back here? Why do we have two? Because the first one was put into witness protection in the back of the cabinet, that's why! So get in there — dig out all of the unused and duplicate paraphernalia you have in the depths of your cabinetry. Then sell it online and invest in a real solution like this storage lift from Nexus 21 Lift. It’ll help you turn the dead space in corner cabinets into sweet, functional space.

2. For a Killer Bod, One Must First Avoid (or Reverse) Dad Bod 

Do you enjoy the Dad Bod life? Or do you want to change it without going to a gym? Your garage is the perfect place for a home gym. But wait, you say, you can't even get your car in the garage? The best way to get started is to get started.  Go online and order some equipment! Go ahead, we'll wait. There, now besides avoiding Dad Bod and a possible date with coronary disease,  you have some more motivation to clear out some space before your order arrives. 

Start by making signs for three piles: ‘Love It,’ ‘Donate It,’ and ‘Trash it.’ Then, pick up the first thing you see. Does it inspire you, or can you live without it? If you haven't used it in the last couple of weeks, then it probably shouldn't go in the Love It pile. If it's still useful to someone else, you should donate it (or sell it if you're so inclined). But if it's trash (come on, really?), you NEED to clean up your act.

3. Is There Anything Dead Under Your Bed?

Go ahead, take a look under there — but try not to scream when you see something scurry away into the dead space. Odds are you're on your knees again, so get up (you look silly). We get it, under-the-bed storage is something we've done since the first time we pushed everything under there when we were supposed to be cleaning our room. 

The hard truth is that we are not children any longer. It's time to grow up and invest in a grown-up solution to our storage needs. The good people at ContainerStore.com have under-the-bed storage solutions that will impress the hell out of you. Check them out after you've finished reading the rest of this.

4. Alone in Your Office? Are You Sure?

More and more people are working from home these days. If you're like most of the other millions of people trying the WFH lifestyle, then you’re sitting on your couch with a laptop on your lap while daytime television provides a subpar substitute for the annoying colleague in the corner cubicle. But you're probably finding it challenging to do your best work with that distraction (and in your pajamas). 

Here's a free tip: take a shower, brush your teeth, and put on some clothes; it's a workday, not a slumber party. 

Another tip is to invest in a proper home office. No, you don't have to tear down a wall or hire a construction crew. There are lots of options out there like this floating desk that will allow you to transition from a rotting couch potato to a functional, productive employee with minimal effort. You can use up dead space on a spare room’s wall and then close away the desk when the workday is over. 

5. Dead as a Doorway

There are few areas in our homes that create as much dead space as a doorway. How many doorways do you have in your home? Almost twice as many as you have rooms, and each doorway is wasting up to 20 cubic feet of storage space. Do the math. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room, garage... You’re likely to have at least 15 doors in your home. That equates to potentially 300 cubic feet of storage space that is unutilized.

The Murphy Door, Inc. would like to help you solve that problem with our wide selection of murphy doors for bedrooms, pantries, and entertainment centers. Check us out — we have fully customizable storage solutions for every room and any doorway.

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