Minimalist style in a kitchen with clean, modern finishes

6 Ways to Add Minimalist Style to Your Kitchen

If ever there was a motto that embodied the style of the most successful minimalist kitchens, it would undoubtedly be, "Less is more." Choosing to decorate with fewer items that pack a punch in terms of visual intrigue and functionality will result in a kitchen that feels big, bright, contemporary, and, more importantly, inviting. Of course, transforming an ordinary kitchen into the minimalist space of your dreams may be easier said than done. Check out these easy tips from Murphy Door to effortlessly add minimalist style to your kitchen.

1. Keep Your Counters Clear

Your countertops may be a convenient place to store everything from your toaster oven to your mail pile. But doing so is the fastest way to kill the clean, chic vibe that makes minimalist home design so appealing. With this in mind, strive to keep your counters clear. Focus on removing items that take up a lot of space or make the entire room feel cluttered. Unless it’s something you use every day, such as your coffee maker, or it's adding to the room’s visual appeal, such as a table lamp, then it's better to find someplace to store it out of sight.

2. Choose Your Appliances Carefully

Minimalist decor is all about embracing the simplicity of displaying fewer items. So it's important to choose your kitchen appliances, tools, and dishes wisely. After all, if you're not storing your appliances on your counter, chances are that your drawers and cabinets will be full. To help your kitchen stay organized and make finding every gadget you may need a breeze, stick with the essential kitchen supplies. There's no need to hold onto items that you don't use regularly or that you have multiples of. You may be surprised by how functional and open your kitchen feels when you have fewer items in it.

3. Leave Empty Space Where Possible

If the cabinets or shelves in your kitchen are exposed, be sure to not overcrowd them with an array of random dishes and appliances. Instead, leave as much empty space between stacks of plates, bowls, and glasses whenever possible. The result will be a room that feels open and clean, rather than cluttered and small.

4. Stick With a Neutral Color Scheme

Adding bright colors to your kitchen can make a playful statement. But it won't help you add the minimalist style to your kitchen that you have in mind. Instead, it's best to stick with a neutral color scheme. Whites, in particular, can make your kitchen feel spacious and airy. The same is true for light wood cabinets. If you're stuck on the idea of incorporating color into your minimalist kitchen, choose something understated rather than dramatic, such as a light blue, gray, or green.

5. Consider How You Store Food

When it comes to designing a minimalist kitchen, storing staples in an appealing way can be a challenge. Consider removing flour, sugar, pasta, and cereal from their original packaging and storing them in glass containers. Not only will they stay fresh and dry, but the consistent look will also give you the minimalist styling you crave.

6. Store Your Kitchen Essentials in Style

If you're worried about how to store your kitchen gadgets and foods in a way that's discreet and stylish, Murphy Door is here to help. With one of our quality hidden door solutions, such as our Pantry Door, you can easily keep your kitchen appliances, tools, dishes, food, and more neatly tucked away to incorporate a clean, minimalist style to your kitchen like you've always wanted. Recently named "Best Indoor Product 2022" at the NAHB International Builders Show, it instantly adds 15 cubic feet to your doorway. Visit us online today to check out our customizable hidden door solutions for your kitchen and beyond! 

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