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Give Your Spare Room Storage Space to Make It a Guest Room, a Home Office, or Both

Do you have a spare bedroom in your home? If so, are you using it as a guest bedroom, home office, or oversized storage closet filled with last year's tangled Christmas lights? If you're not happy with the way your spare bedroom is utilized, then it may be time to really consider whether that room should be a guest room, an office, or both. Here are some interesting ways that you can make this concept a reality with more spare room storage space.

Free Up Floor Space

Murphy bed is a great way to open up floor space, but beware: anything hiding under your bed will no longer be hidden. They are simple to install. Also, they deliver great value when you consider your home's price per square foot. Most Murphy beds consist of a box-type frame cabinet that bolts to a wall and allows your mattress of choice to close up inside the cabinet. This system can easily free up close to 30 square feet of floor space in a single afternoon. Murphy beds can range from simple designs to elegant bookshelves or entertainment centers. Each option provides a high degree of functionality, depending on your taste and goals for the room.

Create an Actual Office Space

If you want to work from home, then it is important to do a couple of things in order to provide a work product that is of suitable quality.

  1. Get ready to work. It's important to treat your workday like a workday. This means getting out of bed and getting ready for work. Take a shower, put on clothes, and prepare for the day just as if you were going into your workplace.
  2. Prepare your workspace to make it suitable for work. While some people can produce quality work at their dining room table, most people cannot (and it’s bad for your back to try). Create a distraction-free space that you can dedicate to work.

wall-mounted collapsible desk is a handy solution to satisfy your office desk needs while maintaining the versatility of the space you desire. You should also invest in a good office chair. Ergonomics isn't just a buzzword created to cost your company money. It is the difference between enjoying your evenings after work and fighting a nagging headache or back pain. 

You can even look for options that combine the Murphy bed with the wall-mounted desk. This model allows you to quickly convert your spare bedroom into a fully functional office with minimal effort. 

Add More Spare Room Storage Space with a Murphy Door

There is no doubt that storage space is going to be at a premium within your combination guest bedroom/home office. In situations like these, features that perform more than one function can really shine above others than don't.

Another area in your room that hides up to 20 cubic feet of wasted spare room storage space is the doorway. Even better, each bedroom typically has two of them. Murphy Door has creative door solutions that are easily customizable and DIY friendly. For the home office, there are bookcase Murphy doors. If you are leaning more towards guest bedroom functionality, then check out our dresser door. If you really just want to be able to relax after a long day in your home office, choose the wine rack door

Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured they are all customizable to fit your home and your style. Are you interested in taking your home office/guest bedroom storage capacity to the next level? Then explore our available options.

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