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How to Add More Storage Space to Your Dining Room Without Changing Its Style

When it comes to creating living spaces in your home that are both stylish and functional, optimizing storage space in practical and creative ways is a must. This is especially true in rooms that require a lot of "stuff," such as your dining room. Along with a dining room table and chairs, it's easy to overcrowd a dining room with accessories and furnishings used to store your everyday dishes, serving pieces, barware, and more. Are you looking for ways to add more storage space to your dining room without losing visual appeal? If so, then check out these tips from the experts at Murphy Door.

Recognize Your Style and Needs

With so many storage options available online and in stores, choosing the perfect storage solutions for your dining room can be a challenge. The best way to keep your home decor shopping experience as smooth and efficient as possible is to know what you're looking for from the beginning. 

Start by recognizing what style you're trying to achieve in the space. Is the style of your dining room rustic and homey or more chic and sophisticated? Likewise, it's helpful to identify exactly what items you'll need to store. You can also decide if you'd like them to be seen or hidden. Once you know the style you have in mind and how much storage space you need, you can select the appropriate pieces to create your perfect dining room. 

Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a wonderful option to maximize the appearance and practicality of your dining room. Floating shelves don’t just free up walking space for people to move comfortably around the room. They can also store decorative items (such as candles) and pieces you'll regularly (such as wine glasses). Be sure to choose a finish that complements the existing decor in the room. This will help guarantee the floating shelves you bring into your dining room look great. Don't forget to measure the wall to avoid purchasing ones that are the wrong size. 

Use "Wasted" Space

Regardless of whether your dining room is sprawling or petite, there's always "wasted" space that can be better utilized to make the space look and feel better. For instance, positioning a sideboard or bar cart in an empty corner of your dining room can provide additional space to hold dishes, utensils, glasses, and decanters. It simultaneously enhances the beauty and comfort of the room. 

Likewise, vertical space can also be used to store dining ware without compromising the space's style. Look for furnishings such as a china cabinet or armoire. These options are often tall enough to keep everything from everyday dishware to special occasion pieces neatly tucked away. 

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

The best furnishings are the ones that can meet a variety of needs. Look for dining room furniture that includes built-in storage capabilities. This will help your space feel open and bright while keeping your dishes and utensils well-organized. Benches, cabinets, and tables can all have hidden storage features to ensure your dining room never feels messy or crowded.

Store Your Dinnerware in Style

A hidden door from Murphy Door would make an ideal complement to any dining room, big or small. You can keep your dishes, barware, and serving tools neatly tucked away out of sight. A Flush Mount Bookcase Door can simultaneously display the accessories you want to see in style. Choose from a large selection of styles and finishes to create a hidden door that will make your ordinary dining room feel elegant and inviting. Find the right hidden door solution for your dining room (and any other room in your home) by visiting us online today.

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