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How to Declutter Your Craft Room or Hobby Room With Style

These days, we are all spending extra hours at home, becoming more active in the pursuits of crafts or hobbies that make us feel better about ourselves and the world around us. More than ever, we each need a space that makes us feel calm, confident, emotionally centered, and able to stay positive and productive. Has your craft or hobby room been taken over by a hodgepodge of supplies? Do you have trouble focusing when you venture into your sanctuary, ready to create something beautiful? If so, it's time to declutter your craft room or hobby room and organize it to suit your decor preferences.

Choosing to purchase, build, or improvise accessories to help you organize craft materials and hobby supplies can be quite rewarding. You'll find yourself so much happier and more inspired in a space that's both decluttered and personalized.

Here are some basic organizing tips to get your own creative ideas flowing and put the tools of your favorite pastime in their proper place. Some of us prefer our tools where we can see them. Others prefer to have them hidden until needed. Solutions are available for everyone.

Hiding in Plain Sight — Wall-Mounted Storage and Open Shelf Displays to Declutter Your Craft Room

It's easier to locate frequently used tools and materials when you store them in the open. Many craft and hobby supplies are attractive or interesting. A wall pegboard can be utilized for hanging some type of tools.  A pegboard unit is easier to mount than you might think

Other tools and supplies are more suitable for shelf storage as you declutter your craft room. Shelves can be:

  • Custom-built
  • Improvised by stacking decorative wooden or plastic crates and boxes
  • Purchased at department, home supply, and hardware stores

Unfinished wooden shelves can be painted in colors that express the personality of the artist or in white for serenity and ease of locating stored items. There is no limit to unique ideas for shelves that display craft supplies attractively for the convenience and inspiration of the crafter or hobbyist.

Bins or Boxes Can Corral Small Items

Crafters and hobbyists can use nearly any type of container to hold small items. Bins made for storage come in many sizes and shapes. Containers designed with tiny drawers for nails, screws, and other hardware would also work great. They are easily available through many retail outlets.

But why choose ready-made when it's so much fun to consider other vessels that could serve the purpose? How about colorful glass or plastic bowls to hold small jewelry fittings? Alternatively, try a lineup of clear canning jars for ease of viewing and to keep materials dust-free.

Here are some other ideas for storing small items that would work well for some craft supplies. Many items for storing kitchen staples, like canisters or spice jars, could also do the job.

Innovative and Unique Concepts for Craft and Hobby Storage Can Be Found Online

A browsing session on Pinterest may turn up some concepts for storing supplies you might never have considered on your own. Utilizing magazine holders to store a wide array of scrapbooking paper in an organized manner is one great idea.

Taking a bit of time to consider the type of storage options that best suit your style is a worthwhile project. When you declutter your craft room, whether with portable containers or built-in fixtures that are attractive and suit your style, it makes your time spent creating so much more rewarding — and tidying up after so much easier.  

Options for a More Permanent Solution

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, then consider a Murphy Door Flush Mount Door. You can easily add one to any existing doorway. Also, they can be configured with open shelving, shelf storage behind concealed cabinet doors, drawer-based storage space, or a combination of all three. If your creativity demands disarray, use our hidden door to close off the room from view when you're not sewing, scrapbooking, or creating. Contact us today to learn more about hidden storage with our Murphy Doors, and happy crafting!

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