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How to Maximize Storage Space in Your Master Bathroom

October 07, 2021

Woman organizing towels to create more storage space in her master bathroom

Your bathroom layout can make all the difference in determining if you start your days off smoothly or with complete chaos. No one wants to start their day by walking into a room with a cluttered countertop or wasting time looking for toiletries in a messy cabinet. But it happens to the best of us whose bathrooms are short on storage space. If this sounds like a common occurrence in your home, Murphy Door is here to help! Check out these four practical tips for maximizing storage space in your master bathroom.

1. Make the Most of Vanity Storage

For most homeowners, the vanity is not only the focal point of their master bathroom but also an area where folks spend much of their time. Because of this, the vanity should be designed with function and practicality in mind. Fortunately, there are countless ways to create a stylish yet useful vanity, regardless of its size. Here are a few ideas to bring your dream vanity to life:

  • If space will allow, build wall-to-wall cabinets underneath your vanity. This will provide plenty of space for everything from towels and spare toiletries to toilet paper and cleaning supplies.
  • For bathrooms where space is limited, be sure to add baskets under your sink to keep your restroom essentials handy without overcrowding closet space.
  • While building cabinets or adding storage bins under the sink may be an obvious place to keep items in your bathroom, it's not the only place. Adding shelves above the sink is a great way to optimize storage opportunities as well.

2. Include Open Shelving

When it comes to storing bathroom essentials, putting your extra washcloths and cotton balls on display may not seem like the most stylish option. But when done appropriately, it certainly could be. Incorporating a few open shelves in your master bathroom is an easy way to keep your everyday items easily accessible. It also gives the space a fresh and contemporary feel. Installing a set of wooden floating shelves brings texture to the room, gives you a place to display decorative items, such as a potted plant or candle, and, of course, more storage space in your master bathroom for necessary pieces, such as towels.

3. Utilize "Dead" Space

Even in bathrooms that are quaint or offer lots of storage solutions, there are always "dead" spaces that could be converted into more useful areas. For instance, the space above the toilet is an ideal spot to incorporate shelves or a cabinet. Likewise, the space behind your bathroom door is begging to be adorned with hooks. They can hold your favorite robe or spare towel without wasting valuable wall or closet space. Another option to create more storage in the "dead" space of your bathroom is to build a skinny alcove with built-in shelving. Add a few wicker baskets and bins to store small items and keep the space refined and polished.

4. Keep Things Hidden

When your master bathroom is both stylish and attractive, spending time in it becomes a pleasure. Luckily, a hidden door solution from Murphy Door can help you easily achieve both beauty and function in virtually any room in your home. Our Hamper Door, in particular, makes storing dirty laundry and keeping your bathroom knick-knacks tidy a breeze. Easily installed in the master bath closet doorway, it beautifully finishes the room. The door hides towel storage and bathroom necessities neatly behind it. With our large selection of styles and finishes, you can customize your hidden door solution to meet your unique needs. At the same time, you'll also make your bathroom as comfortable and beautiful as possible. 

Find the perfect hidden door solution for your master bathroom or any space in your home. Visit Murphy Door online today. Your home will thank you for creating more storage space in your master bathroom!

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