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How to Turn Your Closet Door Into Storage Space

Who hasn't seen a movie with a hidden bookcase passage and secretly (or maybe not so secretly) wished that they could have a similar setup in their own home? While you likely don't have the space to create a secret passage and a hidden room in your home, you probably have unused space in your home, which can be utilized a lot better.

Your closet doors are among the most wasted spaces in your home. Even when your closet doors are closed, there is often plenty of unused space between the door and the area where your clothes are hanging. In many cases, there's enough space for you, and maybe even a few family members, to walk in your closet, close the door, and still have plenty of unused space. With Murphy Door, you can make that wasted area into useful space while also living a portion of your dream of having a hidden door in your home.  

Get Rid of the Bookshelf

Many people have shelving in their bedrooms. This is likely where you store your books, pictures of your family, or other trinkets. Turning your closet door into a bookshelf allows you to get rid of the bookshelf that's been taking up a whole wall in your bedroom or to take down those shelves that keep getting bumped in your small bedroom. Not only does a bookshelf closet door give you more space in a cramped bedroom, but it also adds an element of beauty to your bedroom. If you don't need the whole door for displaying items, you can also include an upper or lower cabinet, where you can store items.

Ditch the Dresser

Dressers are a necessity in every bedroom. Yet like a bookshelf, your dresser can take up significant room in your bedroom. Plus, a full dresser is often hard or impossible to move if you are cleaning your whole room or simply rearranging your bedroom furniture. To solve these problems, turn your bedroom closet door into your new dresser. Then you can sell, donate, or throw out your old dresser.

Add a Hamper

Let's face it: while everyone needs a hamper for their dirty laundry, it's often difficult to know where to store your hamper without it being in the way. Often, they get shoved in your closet or in another place where your dirty clothes are out of the way and mostly unseen. Adding a hamper to your closet door gives you a great place to put your dirty laundry. To utilize your door's space even better, add shelving, shoe racks, or even clothes rods. In this way, your closet door becomes something more than a way to shut your clothes away in your closet.

Two-Sided Doors Are Even Better

While having your extra space on the outside of your closet door is great, using both sides of your closet door gives you even more useful space. Two-sided doors are a wonderful way to really take advantage of the space in your bedroom. You may want to include your storage space on the inside of your closet and then add a full-length mirror or chalkboard on the other side of your door.

Of course, these are just a few of the bonuses you can get from making your closet door into useful space. We encourage you to visit our website to see all the options available. You can also take a look at our gallery to see how other people are making the best use of otherwise wasted space with their own multipurpose doors.

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