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Make The Most of Shared Bedrooms With These Small Space Hacks

There's no fonder memory than sharing a room with your sibling. Brothers and sisters are our first best friends and our lifelong partners in crime. From bunk beds to friendship bracelets, nothing could be sweeter — that is, until the inevitable bedroom battle royale breaks out. Shared bedrooms can be a challenge, especially when it comes to ensuring everyone has their own space. The freedom to decorate and express unique styles and personalities can save the day when it comes to preventing family feuds. Check out these great tips for making small rooms feel a little roomier for your kids.

Organize and Conquer

Keeping shared bedrooms tidy is key when it comes to maximizing space. While common spaces with kids may seem like a recipe for chaos, it can also be a great learning opportunity. Placing each child in charge of their own area will not only instill a sense of care for their belongings and responsibility, but it's also a good way to make each "roommate" feel that he or she has a little privacy. 

Help your kids out by making a daily checklist. Use a whiteboard, some fun magnets, and colorful markers to establish a routine. Making their beds, picking up toys, and putting away clothes are just a few productive lifestyle habits that will keep the floor space from feeling like a maze. Encourage your children and teens to take pride in their space by allowing them the freedom to decorate, choose their own furniture and bed sets, and paint their side of the room. Light colors are great for making rooms appear larger as they reflect natural sunlight. Remember, it can always be repainted when they're off to college!

Minimize Conflict and Maximize Space

From pillow fights to closet wars, sharing space with a sibling can be a risky endeavor. Keep the peace by implementing a few space-saving ground rules.

A cluttered room heightens the tension. Allow as much open floor space as possible. Come up with a list of furniture you'll need and stick to the essentials. Also, get creative while dividing areas. Letting your kids pick out colorful rugs, cute curtain dividers, and dressers is a great way to ensure everyone is able to express themselves and delineate the space. Encourage sharing, but allow each child to make a list of items they would prefer not to share as appropriate. This is a good way to teach kids about boundaries and respect for others.

 Make it fun by implementing a "Roommate Rules" list that each "roomie" can have input on. Have a few bonus rules for good communication skills and conflict resolution strategies that will benefit your children throughout their lives.

Minimalism and Furniture 

Getting a kid’s room to fit a clean, minimalist aesthetic is quite the challenge. Large furniture can make any space feel small and claustrophobic. Use creative design techniques to your advantage when making the most of a shared bedroom. 

Fold-away desks are an excellent study corner idea. Have a resident bookworm? Try floating shelves or a headboard bookshelf instead of a clunky wooden square that's bound to take up tons of floor space. Captain's beds with sufficient storage drawers can save on the need for a dresser, while bunk beds are a fun idea for younger children.

Maintaining an organized closet is always the most difficult aspect of shared bedrooms, especially when children are involved. In addition to coming up with a daily routine for putting away clothes and laundry, upgrading your bedroom layout to incorporate unique hidden closet doors is a fabulous space-saving solution. Murphy Doors have a fit for every space. Our Single Closet Hamper Doors are ideal for keeping kids’ rooms tidy, while our convenient hidden dresser doors open up the floor space.

No more sharing a single cramped closet or bickering over clothes! These simple design hacks will have everyone living more comfortably together. 

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