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Maximize Your Pantry Storage With These 4 Ideas

The pantry is the epicenter of your kitchen. It's prime storage territory for food staples, drinks, and even the occasional bakeware, appliance, or can of preserves. Whether you want a staple ingredient or to grab a snack, the pantry is likely your go-to location. So, how do you maximize your pantry storage space? We've got a few tricks up our sleeves that might interest you for pantry organization ideas.

1. Shelf Storage Organizers

If your pantry is already equipped with built-in or freestanding shelves, you can stretch that storage space to the next level by using both the top and bottom of the shelves. Storage units and shelf accessories can really improve your space. The list includes:

  • Drawers
  • Shelf dividers
  • Baskets
  • Under-shelf storage bin
  • Tiers (or stair-step shelves)

Consider adding a rack of sliding storage drawers beneath the shelf. This is ideal for a flooring area with a usable amount of stackable space before the installed shelving begins. You can find:

  • Simple plastic drawer organizers
  • Wire stacked and sliding bins
  • A hamper-like basket drawer unit

Shelf dividers can assist you in organizing horizontally along the top surfaces of shelves. Alternatively, stack items as high as possible between shelves by adding a vertical tier. Shelf tiers provide a series of raised platforms the width of your shelf, and they are perfect for organizing clearly labeled items.

You might also fill the open space just beneath the shelf (above low-clearance items) by using a hanging under-shelf storage bin or basket. These typically hold lightweight items, like bread, tea and coffee, napkins, or rolls of aluminum foil and saran wrap. 

2. Put Lazy Susan to Work

Use a lazy Susan for storage atop cupboards, shelves, or laundry machines. These handy turntables (or rotating shelves) allow you to maximize your pantry storage. You can fill the base or stack multiple levels with various items and then retrieve them simply by turning the tray to find what you need. No more lowering items from shelves or filling your arms with an unsteady pile just to see what else lurks behind!

3. Stackable Storage

Wherever possible, maximize space by stacking storage containers. You can easily do this by using coordinated square containers that stack one atop the other. Some circular containers also feature interlocking lids, so you can make a secure stack that’s great for storing spices and dried goods. If you are stockpiling canned goods, then use a can rack organizer to sort as many as 36 cans within one square footprint. 

4. Don't Forget the Door

Let's not forget the ample space behind the door once you close the pantry. Hang a towel hook for storing your aprons or a re-purposed over-the-door shoe rack (or pocket organizer) for storing lightweight items such as reusable bags and dishtowels. A wire door rack can provide you with a neatly organized spice rack, Tupperware storage, space for cookbooks, or a location for cookware lids. 

Then take storage solutions a step farther by installing a Murphy Door. Our innovative Flush Mount Spice Rack Door adds up to 40 cubic feet of storage to each doorway. Another option is our Flush Mount Pantry Door. The kitchen-facing etched glass or handy blackboard inserts will complement your cabinetry while delivering shelving and storage on the pantry-facing side.

Ultimate Pantry Storage

Now that you've got the inside scoop on how to maximize your pantry storage, get organized with the right tools for stacking, spinning, and sliding to store and access your pantry goods. Whichever system works best for your unique pantry needs, we've got the final details covered at Murphy Door, Inc. Stock those pantry shelves today! 

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