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Murphy Door Presents Top 5 Secret Doors in History

Throughout the history of mankind, we’ve been fascinated with hidden doors that lead to secret rooms. Before we made them a useful and stylish addition to new homes, hidden rooms and secret passageways served a purpose. Whether it was to allow someone to hide or escape from some kind of danger or allow someone to carry out a more sinister purpose, secret doors have played many integral roles. Here are 4 notable hidden doorways from history.

5. King Charles I
King Charles Secret Door | Murphy Door Inc.  Priest Holes | Hidden Doors | Murphy Door Inc.  Hidden Castle Doors | Murphy Door, Inc.

Existing priest holes and other hidden rooms in castles and homes were used by King Charles II while he was in hiding during the English Civil War. He took to safety in several homes with secret rooms concealed by secret doors, often spending several days at a time crammed in tiny spaces. You can still find priest holes and hidden chambers today in many of England’s historic homes.


4. Sara Winchester Mansion
Sara Winchester Hidden Doors | Murphy Doors, Inc.  Hidden Door reveal staircase in Winchester Mansion | Murphy Doors, Inc. Hidden Bookcase Door in Winchester Mansion | Murphy Doors, Inc.

There are just too many secret doors in the Winchester house to show them all. As the legend goes, Sarah Winchester believed that in order to keep the spirits of those killed by her husband’s invention, the Winchester rifle, she had to keep building on to her mansion. Above are some of our favorite hidden doors.


3. Al Capone
Al Capone | Murphy Doors, Inc.  Al Capones Speakeasy | Murphy Doors, Inc.

It was very common to find a hidden door in the prohibition era speakeasy. In fact, Al Capone himself was known to have a few hidden rooms behind secret doorways. Pictured above was on such door, believed to be the entry way to one of his secret hideouts behind a speakeasy he frequented.

The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults

2. The Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman | Murphy Doors, Inc.  Harriet Tubman Secret Door For Underground Railroad | Murphy Doors, Inc. Hidden Door in Underground Railroad | Murphy Doors, Inc.

These particular doors were rumored to be used by Harriet Tubman herself to hide slaves from searches, or transporting them from place to place.

1. Anne Frank's Hidden Door
Anna Frank | Murphy Doors, Inc.  Hidden Bookcase Door for Anne Frank | Murphy Doors, Inc. Hidden Staircase for Anne Frank | Murphy Doors, Inc.

Perhaps one of the best uses of a hidden door in history. This secret passage way kept Anne Frank Hidden for 2 years, before she was eventually betrayed and caught.

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