prepping lunches in the morning with the help of pantry organization tips

Pantry Organization Tips for Hectic Mornings

Mornings set the tone for the entire day. If the first part of your family's day is chaotic, transitioning into a peaceful mindset for work or school will likely be easier said than done. On the other hand, a smooth morning can pave the way for everyone to have productive, happy interactions when they step out the door. So what's the secret to ensuring your mornings go well? Pantry organization tips!

Designing spaces that are organized, functional, and easy for everyone in your home to grab breakfast and prepare lunch is a good place to start. Check out these four pantry organization tips to make the most of your pantry. Then you can transform your chaotic mornings into peaceful ones.

Identify What You've Got

Before you start moving items in your pantry around, it's helpful to know what you're working with. First, make a list of all the items in your pantry. This will give you an idea of the items your family uses on a daily basis. You'll also have a better idea of how to move forward in organizing them. 

Next, break these items into categories, such as cereals, snacks, condiments, etc. This will help you determine how to group different foods together in a way that is logical, accessible, and easy to grab on the go. If you're stumped by which items should be grouped together, think about which items you'd find together at your grocery store.

Choose the Right Storage Solutions

Knowing exactly what you have and grouping every item into a specific category is a good starting point for achieving a more orderly, cohesive pantry. Still, your organizational journey shouldn't end there. Take your pantry to the next level in terms of style and practicality; incorporate storage solutions that match your home's particular needs. 

Remove items such as pasta, grains, and cereals from their original packaging and store them in clear containers. Not only does this make for a more visually appealing pantry, but it also lets you see how much of each item you have at any given time. Do you have foods that can't be poured into glass or plastic canisters, such as single-serving chip bags? Then you can't go wrong with wicker baskets or clear bins to keep everything in its proper place.

Keep It User-Friendly

Regardless of how attractive your pantry appears or how carefully organized it may be, none of your efforts will matter if the space is not catered to your family's needs. With this in mind, it's important to design your pantry in a way that is user-friendly for everyone, including children. Of course, this will mean different things to different families. Two pantry organization tips that will be helpful to every household are:

  1. Use labels.
  2. Keep kid-friendly foods in a location that is easy for kids to find and reach.

Doing so will help prevent your pantry from becoming disheveled when you're searching for everything you need to pack lunches or a little one is on the hunt for their favorite snack.

Make the Most of Your Pantry

Your pantry doesn't have to be large to be well-organized and user-friendly, but having additional space sure does help. By replacing your ordinary pantry door with a hidden door solution from Murphy Door, you can maximize your pantry's functionality while enhancing your kitchen's overall style. 

The outside of our Pantry Door features a decorative design. Also, the backside of the door includes convenient spice rack shelving and 15 cubic feet of storage. Visit us online today! See how simple taking your family's morning routine from crazy to calm can be with our beautiful hidden doors!

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