The Top 10 Man Cave Must-Haves

September 03, 2020

The Top 10 Man Cave Must-Haves

Building the perfect man cave is a combination of smart design, high tech entertainment, and lived-in furniture. Whether you are staking out a new man cave or renovating your current shadowy den, you want it to be cool. Let's talk about man cave must-haves that should be on your list, from the beer fridge to the big screen TV.

1. The Entertainment Center

Everything in a man cave starts and stops with the entertainment center. After all, you chill there to relax, and your relaxation takes many forms. A big-screen TV is where most guys begin. But if you're a gamer, your man cave must-haves list might start with a huge monitor instead. From there, don't skimp on the side tech. Take an afternoon to hang and hook in your surround sound speakers and all the trimmings.

2. Man-Sized Couch with Reclining Seats and Cup Holders

Whether it's just you or you've invited the guys, man-sized seating is essential for any cave. Who needs dainty carved wooden chairs or, worse, flimsy plastic when you need to collapse and relax? The best man cave couches are big enough to hold giants, can double as beds, and can recline with individual footrests. They should also have the requisite cup holders in the armrests.

3. Smart Home and Remote Controls

A man cave should be dimly lit, with the occasional option for remote-hunting brilliance. Add this on top of your need to control every device from the comfort of your couch, and you have one solution: a smart home hub. The answer used to be a universal remote, and remotes that connect to your smart TV and speakers are pretty great. But modern man caves should absolutely have smart-controlled lights, media, sound, and anything else you can plug in.

4. Billiards or Poker Table

Gaming tables are man cave must-haves, whatever your game may be. Get a beautiful felt billiard table for a large room or a sleek poker table for a tightly spaced cave. Cards, dominoes, board games, or even Scrabble can fill your man cave evenings.

5. Hidden Man Cave Door

All the best caves have hidden entrances, and a man cave is no exception. If you want to keep guests and curious family members from wandering into the den, simply hide the door! A hidden door can be a bookshelf, a wall panel, a mirror, cabinetry — anything. Also, your friends will get a kick out of the reveal when you show the hidden passage into the man cave area of the house.

6. The Beer Fridge and Bar

One of the great things about a man cave is not having to leave it, which means keeping your beer cool inside the cave. A mini-fridge or even a full-sized refrigerator is a great addition. If you have the space, you can even build a bar for partying in style when your buddies come over.

7. Display Shelves and Gun Cabinets

A lot of guys have collections worth showing off — and worth securing inside a locked safe. Gun cabinets are designed for both display and security, for example. Whether you collect firearms or historic glassware from around the world, good cabinetry makes for a great man cave. Save space and make things sturdy by building your shelving into the walls. For even more room, build hidden storage behind it.

8. The Gaming Rig

If you are a gamer, as many guys are today, you can't forget the gaming rig. Whether you prefer consoles and controllers or PCs and keyboards, your cave should accommodate. Build yourself the ultimate gaming and streaming rig. Then soundproof the walls with insulation and built-in shelves so the explosions don't wake your family during late-night online missions.

9. Delivery Door or Kitchen Pass-Through

Ever wish you could get food delivered right to your man cave? Maybe you can. With a back porch entrance, you can guide some of your delivery drivers to the cave instead of the front door. Even better, consider installing a kitchen pass-through. If your man cave shares a wall with the kitchen, you, your better half, and your buddies can pass things like beer and oven-baked nachos through without scampering back and forth through the house. How cool is that?

10. Sturdy "Coffee" Table for Foot Resting

Last but not least on the list of man cave must-haves, don't forget the already scuffed and kicked-around, ultra-sturdy coffee table that's just the right height and length for every guy on the couch to kick up their feet.

Whether you need extra storage or you want the door to make a statement, Murphy Door, Inc. has the right fit for your man cave. Choose the right one here, customize it, and have it shipped to your house.

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