Frequently Asked Questions About Murphy Door

Frequently Asked Questions About Murphy Door

Have you always wanted a secret entrance to a hidden room in the house? At Murphy Door, we’re bringing magic into homes across the country with our endless hidden door options. You may have a few questions if you’re just discovering our products. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Murphy Door and our products.

7 FAQs (and Answers) About Murphy Doors

What is a Murphy Door?

A Murphy Door, also known as a hidden door, is a door that is designed to blend seamlessly into your room to conceal a secret opening. At Murphy Door, we manufacture hidden door solutions that not only provide a hidden entrance to your favorite secret room in the house but are also designed to offer the ultimate in functionality. Our Murphy Doors come in a variety of styles, such as bookcase doors, shoe rack doors, spice rack doors, pool cue doors, and much more. With our wide variety of products, you’ll find that we have a concealed door solution for any room in your home. 

Are Murphy Doors and hidden doors the same?

Because we are the leading secret entrance door on the market, the name “Murphy Door” has become synonymous with hidden doors. As the original hidden door company, we’re proud to be the brand that comes to everyone’s mind when looking for a distinctive and functional home upgrade.

What are the benefits of a Murphy Door?

The benefits of having a Murphy Door are nearly endless. Not only do they conceal an opening into a secret room, but they’re also functional pieces of furniture. Instead of a regular door, install a Murphy Door that is also a bookshelf. Are you looking for a unique storage solution for your walk-in closet? Our mirror doors and dresser doors are great options. At Murphy Door, we provide a hidden door solution for nearly every storage option.

How does a Murphy Door work?

The basic function of a Murphy Door is to remain nearly invisible until the door is swung open to reveal the space behind it. At Murphy Door, we make a wide variety of hidden doors for any room. When you order your door, you’ll have the option of making it swing inward or outward. We also have French and bi-fold doors that fit seamlessly into any nook and cranny in your home. To see a Murphy Door for yourself, schedule a visit to any of our virtual showrooms.

Is installing a Murphy Door difficult?

Installing a Murphy Door is a similar process to installing a regular door. All of our hidden doors (except for our DIY options) come fully assembled and pre-hung in the jamb. Each door comes complete with easy-to-follow installation instructions. You’ll also find installation guides and helpful videos on our website.

What type of material is used to make Murphy Doors? 

When you purchase a hidden door from Murphy Door, you aren’t buying a one-size-fits-all secret door solution. Not only will you be able to select the type of door you need for your space, but you’ll also have the option of selecting the wood core type, wood type, and finish. We can completely customize every Murphy Door to meet your specific requirements.

Can a Murphy Door be used as a secret room or hidden storage space? 

In short — yes! Our hideaway doors can be used to hide any secret space in your home. Want a secret hideout where you can relax at the end of the day, or perhaps you need a place to store valuables out of sight? Our secret doors are the perfect solution. Install a Murphy Door as the entrance to your man cave or secret reading nook. No matter your reason for needing private access and extra space, our Murphy Doors are the ideal solution. 

Have Another Question? Ask Our Team

Are you interested in purchasing a Murphy Door and have additional questions? Give us a call! You can also email us at Our helpful team will be happy to answer all the questions you may have. 

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