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10 Psychological Benefits of an Uncluttered Space

Do you have at least one room in your house that's overwhelmed with clutter? If you do, then chances are this has taken a toll on you and your stress level. Besides being hazardous, having a cluttered room can also affect your mental health. Here are ten psychological benefits of having an uncluttered space. We’ll also discuss how a Murphy door can help organize your belongings out of sight.

1. Less Visible Clutter Reduces Stress

One of the main drawbacks of having a lot of clutter is that it can cause a considerable amount of stress. Just looking at all the stuff in a messy room or closet can lead to feeling guilty that you don't use or wear even half of what you possess. This can result in you feeling confused and anxious, as well as stressed. That's why it so important that you organize your stuff and get rid of what you don't want or use.

2. Clean Spaces Improve Concentration

When you don't organize or declutter the items in a space, it can be hard to concentrate. However, when your belongings are sorted properly or reduced, it's much easier to focus on a task. As a result, it's easier to concentrate on what you need to do.

 3. Open Space Enhances Decision-Making

When you declutter or minimalize your things, you're also developing your problem-solving and decision-making skills. In other words, your brain is forced to decide whether or not to keep, donate, or trash an item. This can help you in other areas that require making decisions.

4. Clean Rooms Energize You

When you have to make a lot of quick decisions, you're kicking your mind into a high-energy mode while getting things done. This can make you feel more energized. In addition to decluttering your stuff, you can also be more inclined to start tackling other tasks on your to-do list.

5. Organization Promotes Creativity

Rooms overwhelmed with clutter can easily lead to a cluttered mind, which can affect creativity. But once a space is decluttered, it's easier to trigger your creative abilities. The less stuff you have to see, the less distracted you'll be — which can lead to better creativity.

6. Hidden Storage Increases Productivity

A cluttered room can prevent you from getting your work done since it's easy to stare at your mess instead of staying on task. On the other hand, a decluttered space can make you more productive. You'll be able to think freely, so you get more accomplished in your day. 

7. Decluttering Makes You Feel More In Control

When your rooms are neatly organized and you see more empty space on the floor, you can feel more in control of your life. By taking ownership of your area and organizing it in such a way that works well for you, you can feel more empowered. What's more, you'll be more able to manage tasks that are more challenging.

8. Organization Causes You To Appreciate What's Really Important

Having less stuff in a room can give you a better appreciation of what's really important. When you have too many items, the belongings that are extremely precious can become buried or even forgotten.  For example, think how sorting through your items helps you decide what you don't need to keep as well what's really valuable, such as family photos. Just by taking time to sort through your things, you can rekindle a deeper appreciation for what matters most to you.

9. Decluttering Improves Family Relationships

A huge benefit of decluttering a home is that it can create more harmony with your family as there's less tension. For many families, clutter can cause stress in a home from arguing about messy rooms and lost items. When your rooms are tidy and organized, it's less likely your family will suffer from conflict.

10. Murphy Doors Save Time

One of the main perks of decluttering is that it can save you time. Consider how you've spent hours looking for misplaced belongings. However, when your items are organized, it's less likely they'll be misplaced, which leads to having more hours in your day.

How a Murphy Door Can Help With Decluttering a Space  

A Murphy door is the ideal solution for creating a more organized and decluttered space. These types of doors are especially well-suited for small spaces, as they have enclosed storage and can organize clutter. For example, our closet Murphy doors include shoe racks, interior shelves, and options for enclosed spaces like a laundry hamper. 

You don't have to settle for a disorganized and cluttered home. To learn more about how a Murphy door can help organize your space, contact us.

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